This course focuses on the relationship between U.S. cinema and culture.  Beginning in the early twentieth century, we will examine the U.S. motion picture as an art form and a mass communication medium that shapes and is shaped by social, historical, political, and cultural factors.  Students will work individually and in groups on cinematic and cultural analyses that include frequent short responses, a group presentation and a Web site.

English 345 is computer-integrated.  The computer lab setting allows students to participate in inclusive electronic discussions, to incorporate visual aids into their presentations, and to compose Web film analyses with video and audio clips.  However, technical savvy is not a course prerequisite; students will receive instruction in all technical tools used in the classroom.

Instructor:  Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges
Class Times:  MW, 2:30-4:50; TTh, 2:30-3:20
Class Locations:  Mary Gates 082A and 076
Office:  Padelford A-305
Office Hours: TTh 12:30-1:20, and by appointment
Office Phone:  543-4892
Email: kgb@u.washington.edu

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