Experiments adjusting the surface drift

Experiments using mission13 (sn1 Sep 2009-Jan 2010) to check the effect of the longer-than-reported surface drift. Some documentation, then results of experiments assuming the drift was 5 times longer/larger than reported.

Results for tracks Gizo-Tagula and Rossel-Simbo:
Original transports: G-T = 24.9, R-S = 11.9
Recalculated transports: G-T = 23.7, R-S = 10.7
Adjusted transports: G-T = 19.9, R-S = 9.2

Original means velocities from 001.sci. Recalculated means redone from the displacement/time in 001.sci and the DR from 0001.sat. Adjusted means assuming the surface time was 5 times larger/longer.

  1. Track map showing selected cross-sea legs
  2. Displacement:   Recorded surface distance (m)     Crosstrack component (overlay smoothed)
  3. Recorded surface times
  4. Surface and subsurface crosstrack speeds
  5. Subsurface and surface (as if 0-700m) transport
  6. Original, recalculated and adjusted accumulated transport