Solomon Sea CTDs (historical data)

Plots using historical data in and around the Solomon Sea. Now includes both CTD and ADCP data.
(Also see noumea/gliders/gliders_solomon_sea.html for stuff directly related to the glider experiment)

  1. Section maps and documentation
    1. Region selection (shows tracklines used in blue)
  2. Sections along 155°E (Northern tip of Bougainville)
    1. UH185
    2. UH186
    3. AU893(Salinity only)
    4. AU592(Salinity only)
  3. Sections along 156°E (Bougainville Strait)
    1. Maps and time-lat plots:
      Map showing 156°E track on bathymetry    OR392 sections (time-lat)   All 156°E sections (time-lat)
    2. OR191
    3. OR192 (S-bound)    OR192 (N-bound)
    4. OR292 (S-bound)    OR292 (N-bound)
    5. OR392a (S-bound)    OR392a (N-bound)
    6. OR392b (S-bound)    OR392b (N-bound)
    7. JM696
    8. JM793
  4. Sections NE from Makira (San Cristobal) Island
    1. Sections NE from Makira: 
      Map   Time-lat
      Example cruise map (from WHOI report 91-19)
    2. PR287:  T/S   u_g
    3. PR288:  T/S   u_g
    4. PR588:  T/S   u_g
    5. PR689:  T/S   u_g
    6. PR789:  T/S   u_g
    7. PR890:  T/S   u_g
    8. These plots side-by-side, comparing May-July vs Oct-Nov: T/S   u_g
    9. Vertical average of all sections (split May vs Nov)   Upper 200m only

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