Check ORCA bathymetry

Various plots made while checking bathymetry changes around the Solomon Sea in a new ORCA run (Dec 2005)

Ferret script to convert the ORCA .nc files to Ferret-readable

Summary table comparing original ORCA and 2 new bathymetry runs:

Transport means (Sv)     OLD  NEW(1)  NEW(2)
Total (across 5.74°S)22.8 23.322.4
Vitiaz St 12.0 26.416.4
Solomon St 10.8–3.7 3.3
St Georges Channel --- --- 2.7
New Ireland Coastal C. 17.4 1.810.0

  1. Second test run (includes some comparisons with first run):
    1. See additional comparisons (with original run) in section 5 on the ORCA interannual page
    2. Solomon Sea bathymetry differences (V-grid):  Old bathy: depths and number   New bathy: depths and number
         Differences:   Number of depths   Depths
    3. Maps of mean transport:
      1. Solomon Sea region:    u   v
      2. Vectors (on the B-grid):
        1. Solomon Sea transport   (differences)
        2. Velocity above, in, and below the thermocline:    Original ORCA    New (2)    Difference
        3. Coral Sea transports (large region):
          1. Old
          2. New (1)
          3. New (2)
          4. Difference: New (2) – Old
          5. Difference: New (2) – New (1)
        4. Coral Sea velocity above, in, and below the thermocline:   New (2)   Difference: New (2) – Old
        5. Depths and circulation on the northern reefs of NC
    4. Zonal sections of v(x,z):
      1. Vitiaz and Solomon St (5.74°S)
      2. Solomon Sea inflow (9.7°S)   (zonal average speed profile across section)
      3. Section across New Ireland Coastal Current
    5. Meridional section of u at 162°E:   u(y,z)   Zonal transport
    6. Seasonal cycle:
      1. Time series:
        1. Transport through Vitiaz Strait
        2. Transport through St George's Channel
        3. Transport through Solomon St
      2. Transport (x,t) through Solomon St (5.74°S)   (5.24°S)
      3. Zonal flow through the Grand Passage

  2. First test run:
    1. Maps of bathymetry:
      1. Compare new bathymetry to Smith/Sandwell (NC-Vanuatu-Guadalcanal)
        Depths and circulation on the northern reefs of NC: Original ORCA   New bathymetry spinup run
      2. Smith/Sandwell bathymetry of Vitiaz, St Georges and Solomon Straits
        Map of Vitiaz and St Georges (Fig 4 of Lindstrom etal 90)
      3. Solomon Sea bathymetry differences (V-grid): Number of depths   Depths
    2. Maps of mean transport:
      1. Solomon Sea region:    u   v   Differences
      2. Detail near Vitiaz St:    u   v
      3. Vectors (on the B-grid)   (extend to NQC)   (differences)   (large region)
    3. v(x,z) Vitiaz and Solomon Sts
      1. Figs. 2 and 3 from Murray et al (1995 WOCE Notes)
      2. Fig 9 from Lindstrom et al (1990)
    4. Mean vertical profiles of v in Vitiaz St
    5. Inflow (v) across 9.7°S into Solomon Sea   Compare CARS (total)
    6. Time series:
      1. (z,t) profiles in Vitiaz St: Old   New
      2. Vitiaz St vertically-integrated timeseries
      3. Vitiaz and Solomon St total integral transports (and its parts)

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