Rectification of the MJO into the ENSO cycle

Rectification of the MJO into the ENSO cycle

Slides shown during talk combining two MJO papers:

Kessler, W.S. and R. Kleeman, 2000: Rectification of the MJO into the ENSO cycle. J.Climate, 13, 3560-3575.
Kessler, W.S., 2001: EOF representations of the MJO and its connection with ENSO. J.Climate, 14, 3055-3061.

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Rectification of the MJO
  1. Introductory slide
  2. MJO introduction: Fig. 16 from: Madden and Julian, J.Atmos.Sci., 1972, p1122; and Fig. 1 from Rui and Wang, J.Atmos.Sci., 1990, p358
  3. SST, zonal wind and OLR along the equator during the onset of the 1997-98 El Niño    (Windspeed instead of OLR)

    Digress here to discuss indices of MJO activity and El Niño (see below).

  4. OLR intraseasonal RMS and the Southern Oscillation Index
  5. Description of the OGCM
  6. Idealized MJO zonal wind anomalies on the equator imposed in the OGCM
  7. Rectified SST and surface current on the equator due to MJOs
  8. Surface current differences due to MJOs (average over year 4) (map)
  9. Divergence of zonal momentum flux due to oscillating zonal winds
  10. Mean vector winds and windspeed from the ECMWF reanalysis
  11. Wind stress and latent heat flux in the W Pacific warm pool. Compare climatological and MJO OGCM runs
  12. Vertical advection under oscillating winds
  13. Mean model heat flux terms due to MJOs
  14. Introductory slide for coupled model
  15. SST on the equator in the coupled model. Compare control forecast and MJO run
  16. Conclusion slide

Digression on indices of MJO activity and ENSO
  1. Introduction slide
  2. Example of MJO and ENSO indices from Slingo et al (1999)
  3. Interannual RMS of intraseasonal OLR
  4. EOFs 1-3 of intraseasonal OLR
  5. Running correlation between EOFs 1 and 3 of intraseasonal OLR and the SOI
  6. Rotated EOFs of intraseasonal OLR

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