TIW work with MOM4

  1. Mean and background conditions and a few examples:
    1. Meridional streamfunction
    2. Mean NECC:   u(y,z,140°W)   u(x,y,5m/75m)
    3. Movie of u,v,w,T at 3°N(2Mb)   Still at day 50
    4. Maps on day 50:   u,v,T   Highpass

    5. "Eddy Velocity" over SST snapshot examples (day 280 = 7 Oct):
      1. Large-scale
      2. Details at increasing depth:   5m   25m   45m   65m
        Overlays:   Velocities at all depths   5m and 65m over SST
    6. (u,v) at 2°N,140°W   Overlay observed buoy (u,v)
    7. See additional plots of the means in the section comparing the NCAR and Laplacian runs below.

  2. Distinguish v, v_geostrophic, and residual (v_ageostrophic):
    1. Zonal sections of v, vg, vag:
      1. Mean sections latitude by latitude (16 plots)
      2. 3°N examples:
        1. Mean at 3°N)   Yearday 50 at 3°N
        2. Details (day 50):   v   Overlay T   High-pass
          Detail (day 29):   u,v,T and highpass   Identify "eddies"
          Zonal highpass and lowpass:   vg at day 50 along 3°N    Mean vg
          (Lowpass fits a line to 49 x-gridpoints (30.625°long))
    2. Meridional sections of mean v,vg,vag: 110°W   130°W   150°W   170°W
    3. Mean v,vg,vag:
      1. Southward transport above 300m (maps of v,vg,vag)
      2. Meridional speed at 3°N (profiles)
      3. Southward transport above 300m at 3°N (section)
      4. Ratio of Vag to Vtot southward transport
    4. Winds and Ekman transport and near-surface vag:
      1. Taux at different longitudes
      2. Ekman and difference Ekman-Vag transport

  3. Yanai wave calculations (theory and compare MOM4):
    1. D.R. terms (omega/c, k, beta/omega)
    2. Yanai and Rossby frequency(k) (dot for present situation)
    3. Phase velocity   Group velocity
      Group velocity as a fn of (c,k)
    4. Example of SSH,u,v for a westward-propagating Yanai wave: (c=2.5m/s, length=-1000km, omega=24 days)
    5. TIW speeds from MOM4 (v at Eq):   Phase   Envelope
      Compare January year 21 and 22:   SST   v
    6. Vertical propagation:
      1. (z,t) time series at 0°,120°W:   MOM4 v   Smoothed KE   
        Overlay Yanai ray path (24-day period, 1000km wavelength)
      2. Yanai vertical wavelength
      3. MOM4 RMS v (overlay Yanai raypath dz/dx)
    7. Pressure (DH) in MOM4 at 140°W:
      RMS   DH(y,t)   Time series at 6.2°N, 2.5°N, 3.2°S

  4. Ekman divergence comparison calculations from MOM4
    1. NCAR viscosity run:
      1. Depth of zero v    (As estimated from @ngd)
      2. Vertical-mean near-surface poleward v (map)
      3. Total poleward transport (integral in x and z). Overlay Ekman
      4. Upwelling transport from delta-V

  5. Comparisons between NCAR and Laplacian viscosity runs
    1. Mean comparisons (also buoy obs):
      1. Profiles:    v(2°N,140°W)   u(0°,140°W)
        u and v(2°N,140°W) from Buoy, MOM, POP, ADCP
      2. Mean u at 140°W:   CCSM35 vs MOM4 lap   Laplacian   NCAR
      3. Meridional streamfunctions:   NCAR   Laplacian
    2. Time series at 2°N,140°W:   u   v   SST
    3. Time series in the Laplacian run (SST,u,v):   Unfiltered   Zonal high-pass
    4. Snapshots at day 50:
      T,u,v   (Zonal high-pass)   (x,z) section at 3°N (T,u,v,w)