GRADUATES Of The Program


Lauren Rich, MFR, 1993. Thesis: Protection strategies, water quality standards and monitoring plan for the Suquamish Tribe's Doe-Kag-Wats Wetland.

Stephanie Allen, MS, 1994. Thesis: Growth study of a yardwaste compost: Demonstration site at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

Linda Baker, MS, 1994. Thesis: Germination of seeds from wetland soil as a source of plant material for wetland restoration.

Mark Rains , MS, 1994. Thesis: Plant community structure along environmental gradients defined by hydrology, redox potential and shade in two Pacific northwest palustrine wetlands.

Bill Kleindl , MS, 1995. Thesis: A benthic index of biotic integrity for Puget Sound lowland streams, Washington, USA.

Stacey Wenger , MS, 1995. Thesis: Carex lyngbyei productivity in the Duwamish (urban) and Nisqually (non-urban) estuaries.

Katherine Houck, MS, 1996. Thesis: The distribution and abundance of invasive plant species in freshwater wetlands of the Puget Sound lowlands, King County, Washington.

Perry Gayaldo , MS, 1996. Thesis: Native shrub-steppe restoration at the Yakima Training Center, Yakima, Washington.

Lizzie Zemke, MS, 1997. Thesis: Establishing Festuca idahoensis on the University of Washington's Union Bay Natural Area.

Rob Bell, MS, 1997. Thesis: Restoration planting of Quercus garryana: A comparison of plant material, irrigation treatments and planting sites.

Susan Papanikolas, MS, 1997. Thesis: The effects of shade and planting date on Oregon white oak seedlings.

Lizbeth Seebacher, MS, 1997. Thesis: Restoration of coastal estuarine habitats within previously diked wetlands in the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Greg Mazer , MS, 1998.  Thesis:  Environmental limitations to bioswale vegetation growth and establishment in vegetated stormwater biofilters.

Joe Rocchio, MS, 1998.  Thesis:  Effect of substrate and moisture on wetland restoration.

Dave Schmidt , MS, 1998.  Thesis:  Restoration of a Prairie Ecosystem at the Yellow Island Preserve and the Propagation of Castilleja hispida by Vegetative Cuttings.

Cindy Uthus, MS, 1999. Thesis:  Reed Canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea) uses, abuses and control.

Margaret McCauley, MS, 1999. Thesis:  A Comparison of the water quality treatment effectiveness of three plant species in a constructed wetland for municipal wastewater treatment.

Jeanette Dorner, MS, 1999.  Thesis:  Plant Species Distribution, and Their Relationship with Environmental Variables.

Matthew Kimble, Ph.D. 1999.  Dissertation:  Variation of Terresstrial and Aquatic Riparian Biodiversity in Response to Watershed Condition.

Michele Dobie-Laubenheimer, MS, 2000. Thesis: Status and Community Composition of Northern Puget Sound Prairies.

Kelly Dlouhy, MS, 2001. Thesis: Planted Species in Wetland Mitigation Sites: Planting Practices and Species Progress

Caren Crandell, MS, 2001. Thesis: Effect of grazing by Canada geese on the fitness of Carex lyngbyei at a restored wetland in the Duwamish River estuary

Perry Gayaldo , Ph.D. 2002. Dissertation: Seagrass restoration involving the alteration of sediment chemistry/redox and submarine light regime.

Anna Portinga, M.S. 2002. Eelgrass restoration

Laura Carney , M.S. 2003. Macroalgal restoration techniques

Katie McGowan, M.S. 2003. Urban Wetland Seedbanks

Jason Ontjes, M.S. 2003. Salinity impacts on seed germination and grass growth in the Arctic

Kirra Swenerton, M.S. 2003. Potential restoration sites for Castilleja levisecta

Kim Frappier, M.S. 2004. Restoration chronosequence on Mt. Rainier trails.

Crystal Elliot, M.S. 2004. Tidal emergent plant communities, Russian Island, Columbia River Estuary.

Anne Andreu, M.S. 2004. Fire as a critcal element in ecosystem maintenance

Joshua Tallis, M.S. 2004. Mycorrhizae and tropical moist forest restoration.

Lara Johnson, M.S. 2004. Mycorrhizal implication in the establishment of pioneer species on mine tailings.

Matthew Ramsay. M.S. 2004. Restoration at recreational sites in the North Cascades.

Kevin Fetherston. PhD. 2005. Evidence for the large wood cycle as a critical element in river valley dynamics.

Matt Bennett. MFR 2005. Establishment of American Dunegrass (Leymus mollis) communities at upland dredge material disposal sites for sand stabilization and invasive plant species control.

Rodney Pond. MS 2005. Restoration of low-elevation riparian forest.

Amy Lambert. MS. 2006. San Juan Island Restoration.

Kay Caromile. MEH. 2006. Pierce County Managment Plan.

Amanda Stuckey. MEH 2007. Horticultural practices in park tree planting

Doug Schmitt. MEH 2007. Management of restoration in the Union Bay Natural Area

Julia Tracy. MS 2007. Response of University Slough to addition of Ravenna Creek waters

Joshua Chenoweth. MS 2007. Sediment seedbank and the restoration of land behind the Elwah River dams

Alaine Sommargren. MS 2008. Black lily ecology and restoration.

Ben Peterson. MS 2008. Urban tree cultural methods

Dangelei Fox. MS 2008.Restoration fate of lomatium species used by Native Americans

Justin Howell. MS. 2008. Interactive restoration website.

Joel Breems. MS 2009. Impact of historic wood waste deposits on eelgrass habitat

Wendy DesCamp. MS 2010. Characteristics and control of invasive Lamiastrum.

Kathleen De Maria. MEH 2010. Horticultural citations in the restoration literature.

Ginger Tennant. PhD 2010. Eelgrass endophytes

Nate Hough-Snee . MS 2011. The effects of flooding, fertilization and initial plant size on the growth and biomass allocation of Carex obnupta and Carex stipata................Nate's Blog link

Amy Lambert. PhD 2011. Island Marble Butterfly

Brooke Sullivan. MS 2011.. Eelgrass wasting disease

Jake Milofsky. MEH 2011. Inventory of vegetation in dedicated street rights-of-way without streets

Jennifer Buening. MEH 2011 Restoration planning for Salmon Creek watershed.

Kava Vale. MEH 2011. Urban tree inventory and functional evaluation on the University of Washington campus.

Joy Wood. MS 2011. Comparison of the effectiveness of capstone restoration projects.

David Hays, MS 2012. Invasive blackberry flooding tolerance

Caitlin Guthrie, MS 2012. Tree survival at Nisqually restoration

Katherine Asselin, MEH 2012. Orchid/Melipona restoration in Nicaragua.

Blake Schnebly. MEH 2012. Cost and labor estimation for UBNA mitigation

Heather Khan. MEH 2012. Modifying a detention facility to simulate climate change impacts

Lindsey Hamilton. MEH 2013. Fire responses of Salal and Bracken

Rosemary Baker. MEH 2013. Elwha revegetation

Michael Hannam. PhD. 2013. Native vs. introduced eelgrass topographical variation

Catharina Penberthy. MEH 2013. Urban wildland restoration

Rob Edsforth. MEH 2013. Environmental management of golf courses

Cynthia Riskin MEH. 2013. Elwha Dam invasive plants

Andrew Fraser. MS 2013. Solarization of Himalayan blackberry and Scotch broom

Oliver Bazinet. MS 2014. Effectiveness of restoration efforts

Xincai Cai. MEH 2014. Surface coal mine reclamation

Crescent Calimpong. MEH 2014. Elwha River Revegetation

Jonathan Diemer, MEH 2014. Centennial Woods Restoration

Michelle Fischer, MEH 2014. Prairie plant survival on burned and unburned plots

Lisa Miller, MEH 2014. Education and environmental behavioral change

Martha Moritz, MEH 2014. Kincaid Ravine Management Plan

Hui-Chung Tsai, MEH 2014. North Beach Park Wetlands

Luke McGuff, MEH 2014. North Beach Park Management Plan