The Ecology Lab operates out of the Center for Urban Horticulture, University of Washington. Students and faculty in the lab combine techniques from horticulture with the understanding of ecological processes to restore, repair and manage ecosystems. Current and past lab members have worked on coastal and freshwater wetlands, prairies, oak woodlands, oak savannas, thornscrub, riparian systems, steppe, streams, arctic and sub-arctic environments, eelgrass and kelp meadows, bioswales, vernal pools, capped landfills.

Current graduate students and their interests:

Caren Crandell, (Ph.D.) Schoenoplectus pungens restoration and grazing impact.

Alex Harwell (MEH)

Alex Greene (MEH)

Cameron Newell (MEH)

Chris Wong (MEH)

Elyse Denkers (MEH)

Kathleen Walter (MEH)

Luke McGuff (MEH)

Malcolm Howard (MEH)

Mark Thompson (MEH)

Theresa Yoder (MEH)

Ben Antonius (MPA, MEH)

Joel Bidnick (MEH)

Michael Bradshaw (MEH)

Kelly Broadlick (MEH)

Derek Buchner (MEH)

Anna Carragee (MEH)

Kat Cerny-Chipman (MEH)

Dan Hintz (MEH)

Zac Mallon (MEH)

Nicolette Neumann (MEH)

Trey Parry (MEH)

Thomas Peterman (MEH)

Matthew Schwartz (MEH)

Dan Sorenson (MEH)

Regina Wandler (MEH)