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Kenyu Online

Volume 30, number 10/11/12

October/November/December 2016


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    A special meeting was convened the evening of Thursday, December 8, 2016, at Saint Peter's Church, to count the ballots from the Board election. This tally determined the composition of the Board for 2016/2017. The proctors doing the counting were: T. Bolling (Bellevue), CJ Chaney (Sno-King), Noelle Grimes (Sno-King), Doug Imanishi (Seattle), Damon Tsai (Sno-King), Frank Wessbecher (Highline), Aaron Yen (Seattle), and David Yotsuuye (Bellevue).

    Then, at their December 17, 2016 meeting, the new PNKF Board elected officers. President - CJ Chaney (Sno-King); Vice President - Robert Stroud (Idaho); Treasurer - Mary DeJong (Highline); Recording Secretary - Thomas Bolling (Bellevue); Secretary of Internal Affairs - Elizabeth Marsten (Highline).

    The other Board members are: Sean Blechschmidt (Bellevue), Brian Blomquist (Everett), Connor Blomquist (UW), Cougar Capoeman (Tacoma), Janell Frazier-Day (Kent), Mark Frederick (Northwest), Noelle Grimes (Sno-King), Doug Imanishi (Seattle), Van Le (Obukan), Michael Mabale (Seattle), Edward Olson (Tonbo), Russ Sinclair (Spokane), James Smith (AiShinKai), Frank Wessbecher (Highline), and David Yotsuuye (Bellevue). Jeff Marsten (Bellevue/Highline/Sno-King) continues as Advisor. CJ Chaney (Sno-King) continues as UW Advisor.

    17th INVITATIONAL TACOMA KENDO TAIKAI - October 22, 2016, Curtis High School, University Place

    9 and Under                               10-12 Years Kyu
    1st place - Jonathan Yu, Northwest        1st place - Josh Kim, Federal Way
    2nd place - Nicholas Chu, Bellevue        2nd place - Joshua Paik, Tacoma
    3rd place - Daniel Shilov, Highline       3rd place - Keiji Underhill, Northwest
    Participant - Nina Underhill, Northwest
    Participant - Katie Larson, Federal Way
    Participant - Dan Terao, Cascade
    Participant - Juah Paik, Tacoma
    13-15 Years Kyu                           16-18 Years Kyu 
    1st place - Betty Park, Bellevue          1st place - Drake Imanishi, Seattle
    2nd place - Yuki Wakasaki, Obukan         2nd place - Kyle Fukuda, Cascade
    3rd place - Michizane Ohata, Bellevue     3rd place - Allison Kojima, Bellevue
    Adult 0-2 Kyu                             Adult 1 Kyu-1 Dan
    1st place - Rafael Soriano, UW            1st place - Jake Yamauchi, Cascade
    2nd place - Tom Fukuda, Cascade           2nd place - Caleb Ogier, UW
    3rd place - Chi Tak, Portland             3rd place - Andrew Miller, Portland
    Youth Dan                                 Adult 2-3 Dan
    1st place - Andrew Nagasawa, Bellevue     1st place - Frank Wessbecher, Highline
    2nd place - Andy Yuen, Seattle            2nd place - Erica DeJong, UW
    3rd place - Tiarnan Marsten, Kent         3rd place - Bernice Lin, UW
    15 and Under Team
    1st place - Northwest A (B. Underhill, T. Miyamoto, E. Underhill)
    2nd place - Bellevue A (B. Park, T. Koob, M. Ohata)
    16-18 Team
    1st place - Bellevue A (J. DeJong, J. Higa, A. Kojima)
    2nd place - Bellevue B (M. Blechschmidt, -0-, A. Nagasawa)
    Senior Team
    1st place - Obukan (D. Anzai, R. Wakasaki, N. Holtorf)
    2nd place - Sno-King (M. Verrey, V. Blancarte, T. Patana)
    National Anthem Singer - Josie Asi
    Sportsmanship Pledge - Joshua Paik
    Award Distribution Service - Taryn Imanishi
    Shinpan Cho - Doug Imanishi

    42nd ANNUAL PNKF KENDO TOURNAMENT - November 5, 2016, Kent Commons Recreation Center

    10 Years and Under                        11-12 Years
    1st place - L. Takahae, Steveston         1st place - B. Miki, Steveston
    2nd place - K. Yoshimura, Renbu           2nd place - K. Squance, Renbu
    3rd place - M. Gardner, U Vic             3rd place - C. Robillard, Steveston
    3rd place - E. Chui, Steveston            3rd place - Y. Lee, Renbu
    13-15 Years                               High School Girls
    1st place - K. Muramatsu, Renfrew         1st place - J. DeJong, Highline
    2nd place - M. Iwai, Steveston            2nd place - JW An, Tozenji
    3rd place - E. Chui, Steveston            3rd place - J. Higa, Bellevue
    3rd place - M. Fukuoka, Tozenji           3rd place - I. Kim, Renbu
    High School Boys                          0-4 Kyu
    1st place - E. Lee, Renbu                 1st place - V. Blancarte, Sno-King
    2nd place - T. Marsten, Kent              2nd place - J. Tang, UBC
    3rd place - A. Nagasawa, Bellevue         3rd place - T. Fukuda Cascade
    3rd place - B. Liao, Bellevue             3rd place - J. Nguyen, UW
    3-1 Kyu                                   Women Dan
    1st place - Y. Chen, UBC                  1st place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu
    2nd place - C. Pak, Portland              2nd place - E. Marsten, Highline
    3rd place - Y. Paik, Tacoma               3rd place - W. Robillard, Steveston
    3rd place - G. Vielhaber, Portland        3rd place - B. Lin, UW
    1-2 Dan                                   3 Dan
    1st place - D. Yao, Steveston             1st place - S. Kawai, Bellevue
    2nd place - J. Jeong, Youshinkan          2nd place - E. Kita, Renbu
    3rd place - JW Lee, Portland              3rd place - T. Okitsu, 
    3rd place - J. Lamb, Spokane              3rd place - K. Chun, Hawaii
    4 Dan and Above
    1st place - S. Harris, Hawaii
    2nd place - B. Imanishi, Cascade
    3rd place - A. Giang, Northwest
    3rd place - W. Fujimoto, Hawaii
    Junior Team
    1st place - Renbu (Y.Lee, A. Son, I. Kim, K. Squance, R. Kim)
    2nd place - Steveston (D. Chui, E. Chui, B. Miki, M. Iwai, C. Robillard)
    3rd place - Tacoma (M. Kao, D. Kao, Y. Wakasaki, J. Shim, J. Paik)
    3rd place - Tozenji (N. Horikawa, U. Kanauchi, K. Kono, A. Shimizu, M. Fukuoka)
    Senior Team
    1st place - Hawaii (K. Chun, W. Fujimoto, H. Itokazu, S. Harris, A. Fujimoto)
    2nd place - Bellevue (J. Higa, A. Kojima, M. Blechschmidt, B. Liao, L. Tsybert)
    3rd place - Steveston (S. O'Sullivan, I. Miki, I. Takagaki, N. Nakano, D. Yao)
    3rd place - Spokane (C. Ruiz, S. DeNardi, Ju. Lamb, Je. Lamb, M. Nelson)
    Taikai Co-Chairs - CJ Chaney and Taryn Imanishi
    Sportsmanship Pledge - Andrew Nagasawa   Shinpan Cho - Harry Samkange
    Shoji Trophy - Allison Kojima, Bellevue
    Award Distribution Service - Taryn Imanishi

    20th ANNUAL KENT KENDO CLUB INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT - December 10, 2016, Kent Commons

    10 Years and Under (Jr A)            3-1 Kyu
    1st place - A. Yuen, Seattle         1st place - A. Kojima, Bellevue
    2nd place - A. Mabale, Seattle       2nd place - D. Imanishi, Seattle
    3rd place - DV Chung, Cascade        3rd place - Y. Paik, Tacoma
    3rd place - J. Yu, Northwest         3rd place - S. Wetlesen, Obukan
    11-12 Years (Jr B)                   1-2 Dan
    1st place - K. Underhill, Northwest  1st place - T. Marsten, Kent
    2nd place - J. Kim, Federal Way      2nd place - J. Croes, Portland
    3rd place - H. Koob, Bellevue        3rd place - B. Liao, Bellevue
    3rd place - L. Ohata, Bellevue       3rd place - C. Im, UW
    13 to 15 Years (Jr C)                3-4 Dan
    1st place - K. Underhill, Northwest  1st place - S. Kawai, Bellevue
    2nd place - S. Wetlesen, Obukan      2nd place - S. Denardi, Spokane
    3rd place - M. Ohata, Bellevue       3rd place - S. Day, Kent
    3rd place - T. Miyamoto, Northwest   3rd place - I. Morgan, Kent
                                         4th place - V. Vulfson, Northwest
    Women                                4th place - D. Pan, Bellevue
    1st place - M. Suzuki, Sno-King      4th place - T. Imanishi, Cascade
    2nd place - N. Grimes, Sno-King      4th place - M. Scott, Sno-King
    3rd place - J. DeJong, Highline
    3rd place - J. Frazier-Day, Kent
    4 Kyu and Under
    1st place - K. Fukuda, Cascade
    2nd place - T. Fukuda, Cascade
    3rd place - B. Sprenger, Obukan
    3rd place - D. Yip, Cascade
    Junior Team
    1st place - Bellevue (H. Koob, K. Takamatsu, L. Ohata, T. Koob, M. Ohata)
    2nd place - Northwest (B. Underhill, S. Yu, T. Miyamoto, T. Ting, K. Underhill)
    3rd place - Federal Way (M. Day, K. Kubal-Komoto, I. Lee, S. Lee, J. Kim)
    3rd place - Obukan (K Acoba, E. Jurado, S. Wetlesen, A. Mabale, Y. Wakasaki)
    Senior Team
    1st place - Kent Red (I. Morgan, J. Frazier-Day, T. Marsten, T. McManus, S. Day)
    2nd place - Bellevue Red (S. Kawai, J. Higa, B. Liao, A. Kojima, L. Tsybert)
    3rd place - Highline (F. Wessbecher, C. Chan, J. DeJong, A. Law, J. Oh)
    3rd place - Sno-King (M. Scott, M. Suzuki, C. Chaney, T. Patana, D. Lew)
    Sportsmanship Pledge - Ian Morgan
    Head Shinpan - Curtis Marsten


    Paul Hiromi Kurose.

    One of the last pre-War kenshi in our area passed away on September 20, 2016 at age 88. Born in Tacoma July 15, 1928, he was raised in Seattle and Spokane. He taught at West Seattle High School for 31 years, and one of his former students, David Lunde, has happy memories of "his sly grin and his daily wearing of a lab coat" in biology class and study hall. Throughout his life he loved fly fishing. Kurose Sensei studied Kendo at Maryknoll Dojo under Tomotsu Takizaki Sensei, until Kendo was suspended following Pearl Harbor. He served in the military. He joined Seattle Kendo Kai when it resumed after the War, and was one of the founders of the Washington State Kendo Federation, serving for a time as Treasurer. In 1990 he became a member of Cascade Kendo Kai, and held the rank of 4th Dan. Kurose Sensei especially liked to explain earlier ways of producing hits, for example demonstrating the amazing way Kazuo Shoji Sensei could suddenly strike Do from tsubazeriai and go through on one knee - as in Kata Number Seven. Our deepest condolences to his wife of 62 years, May, and their four children and two grandsons.


    I reread the Chi No Maki and focused on Musashi's words that "the true value of Kendo cannot be seen within the confines of Kendo techniques." Yes, I had learned the basics of Kendo in Hawaii, the ground of Kendo: the Chi. I had learned how to breathe differently, into the hara. Balance and stability comes from the hara. I had watched animals; the belly expands and contracts with the breath, not the upper chest. The power does not come from the head or shoulders. "Up tight" is slang in the United States for tension, and indeed, the shoulders are raised, the breath shallow, and the chest heaves when a person is uptight. The breath of a baby is seen as the stomach area (the hara area) rises and falls. Such is natural breathing. And swordsmanship is based on what is natural. The Kendo stance, solidly rooted to the ground, is powerful. The sword cuts, not from shoulder action, but from the natural pull of gravity, guided to its target by the right hand, and cinched from the hara. I recalled the tameshi giri practice demonstrated by Miura Sensei which focused power at the conclusion of the cut driven by the breath, the kiai or spirit shout, from the hara. The cut was efficient and effective. In Kyoto, I added to the basics that I had learned from Miura Sensei. And that is how it is: Nothing is ever finished.

    --Rod Nobuto Omoto, Autobiography, edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 24. Available as free download at


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