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Kenyu Online

Volume 30, number 1/2/3

January/February/March 2016


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Starting April 6, Musokai training will move to the North Court of Rain City Fencing Center (RCFC), 1776 136th Place NE, Bellevue, and will be on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9pm.

11th ANNUAL PACIFIC INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURNAMENT - January 16, 2016, UBC, University Hill Secondary School

Non-Bogu                         Women 1 Kyu and Under
1st place - Po Chen, SFU         1st place - Jasmine Chao, Langara
2nd place - John Wragg, UBC      2nd place - Klaudine Go, UBC
3rd place - Colton Johnson, UBC  3rd place - Anna Ngo, UBC
3rd place - Erin Boe, Langara    3rd place - Aya Hioki, UBC

Women 1 Dan and Above            Men No Rank
1st place - Erica DeJong, UW     1st place - Matthew Chu, UBC
2nd place - Bernice Lin, UW      2nd place - Kevin Chiang, UBC
3rd place - Becca Hsu, SFU       3rd place - Johnson Nguyen, UBC
3rd place - Nikki Asano, SFU     3rd place - Jason Tang, Langara

Men 1 Kyu and 1 Dan              Men 2 Dan and Above
1st place - John Magaling, SFU   1st place - Tsuyoshi Hamanaka, UBC
2nd place - Spencer Myrtle, SFU  2nd place - Ryota Kuki, UBC
3rd place - Andrew Chen, UBC     3rd place - Masamitsu Sawaoka, SFU
3rd place - Long Le, UW          3rd place - Matthew Pomeroy, UVic

1st place - UBC (T.Hamanaka,R.Kuki,K.Leung,J.Ohara,J.Li,A.Chen,R.Jacinto,E.Cheng,M.Chu)
2nd place - SFU (J.Magaling,K.Lee,C.Cheng,S.Ikoma,M.Morgan,B.Hsu,M.Sawaoka)
3rd place - UVic (T.Koyano,MattPomeroy,S.Nichols,K.Mercer,MarkPomeroy,S.Shan,M.Tahara)
3rd place - UW (B.Lin,L.Le,E.DeJong,C.Chan,M.Eum,A.Ngo,C.Blomquist)

Fighting Spirit Award - Andrew Chen, UBC

54th ANNUAL STEVESTON KENDO TOURNAMENT - February 20, 2016, McMath High School

10 Years and Under                  11 to 13 Years                       14 to 15 Years
1st place - T. Ariga, Butokuden     1st place - M. Fukuoka, Tozenji      1st place - E. Lee, Renbu
2nd place - Y. Lee, Renbu           2nd place - K. Squance, Renbu        2nd place - S. Nichols, UVic
3rd place - K. Yoshimura, Renbu     3rd place - M. Iwai, Steveston       3rd place - K. Fukuda, Cascade
3rd place - I. Fujita, Renbu        3rd place - C. Robillard, Steveston  3rd place - K. Muramatsu, Steveston

0-4 Kyu                             1-3 Kyu                              Ladies 1 Dan and Under
1st place - M. Park, Central        1st place - J. Magaling, SFU         1st place - K. McManus, Kent
2nd place - M. Chu, UBC             2nd place - D. Imanishi, Seattle     2nd place - J. Chao, Steveston
3rd place - N. Gardiner, Langara    3rd place - C. Capoeman, Tacoma      3rd place - S. Maekawa, SCKF
3rd place - F. Yoshimura, Renbu     3rd place - T. Shiomi, SFM           3rd place - A. Hioki, UBC

Ladies 2 Dan and Over               1-2 Dan                              3 Dan
1st place - C. Takeuchi, Youshinkan 1st place - H. Nagano, UVic          1st place - R. Asato, Vancouver
2nd place - S. Suzuki, Tozenji      2nd place - S. Kim, Renbu            2nd place - S. Masamitsu, SFU
2nd place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu     3rd place - T. Koyano, UVic          3rd place - T. Okitsu, Tozenji
3rd place - L. Murao, Steveston     3rd place - S. O'Sullivan, Steveston 3rd place - I. Takagaki, Steveston

4 Dan and Above
1st place - T. Nozawa, Tozenji
2nd place - S. Kamata, Etobicoke
3rd place - T. Ariga, Butokuden
3rd place - D. Ara, Renbu

Junior Team                                    Senior Team
1st place - Renbu A (K.Itagaki,R.Kim,          1st place - Ontario (E.Jeong,I.Lin
             H.Chun,I.Kim,E.Lee)                            M.Otabe,E.Hung,S.Kamata)
2nd place - Steveston A (E.Chui,K.Muramatsu,   2nd place - Renbu (H.Shim,T.Kabata,
             M.Iwai,A.Iwai,S.Ito)                            O.Young,E.Kita,J.Kurahashi)
3rd place - Bellevue (L.Ohata,B.Park,          3rd place - Youshinkan (J.Chien,Ke.Takeuchi,
             M.Ohata,M.Blechschmidt,A.Kojima)               Ka.Takeuchi,K.Kobayashi,C.Takeuchi)
3rd place - Steveston B (D.Chui,C.Robillard,   3rd place - Bellevue (D.Yu,F.Wessbecher,
             A.Ito,A.Chang,R.Nakano)                        L.Tsybert,S.Blechschmidt,D.Park)

Sportsmanship Pledge - Jeremy Chiang  Consul General of Japan S. Okada Trophy - C. Takeuchi, Youshinkan

2016 EAST COAST IAIDO SEMINAR TAIKAI - March 13, 2016, Holy Ghost Prep. School, Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Mudansha C                                  Mudansha B
1st place - Albert Valentin III (IttoKai)   1st place - Minsoo Seon (Princeton)
2nd place - Shiro Kondo (KenZen)            2nd place - Kevin Huang (Shidogakuin)
3rd place - Benjamin Wingate (IttoKai)      3rd place - Michael Temple (Doshikai)
3rd place - Terry Lewis (Norwalk)           3rd place - Jeremie Clark (Doshikai)

Mudansha A                                  1st Dan
1st place - David Dudek (KenZen)            1st place - Mitko Botev (Doshikai)
2rd place - Maryann Amici (KenZen)          2nd place - Jeffrey Heinze Fry (SeiZanKai)
3rd place - Abel Erives (Doshikai)          3rd place - Alec Milton (KenZen)
3rd place - Noriko Ambe (KenZen)            3rd place - James Cody Kroll (IttoKai)

2nd Dan                                     3rd Dan
1st place - Stephen Tomshaw (Shidogakuin)   1st place - Kevin Thibedeau (Ken Zen)
2nd place - John Mullin (KenZen),           2nd place - Narbeh Bagdasarian (PCIKendo)
3rd place - Leslie Williams (KenZen)        3rd place - Ji Ni (Nichibukan)
3rd place - Justin Lee (MuMonKai)           3rd place - Phillip VanDenBerghe (BaltimoreAnnapolis)

4th Dan                                     5th Dan
1st place - Patrick Suen (MuMonKai)         1st place - Paul Shin (Shidogakuin)
2nd place - Takanori Furuta (IttoKai)       2nd place - Terry Fukui (KenZen)
3rd place - Aram Kailian (Shidogakuin)      3nd place - Barry Poitras (Doshikai)
3rd place - Hanna Ikeda-Suen (MuMonKai)     3rd place - Isabella Church (Shidogakuin)

TATER TAIKAI - March 13, 2016, Boise State University

Kachinuki - Tie for first, Logan Lewis (Ore-Ida), Ken Tawara (BSU)
Kojin sen, Individual - Ken Tawara (BSU), Matt Miller (Idaho)
Dantai Sen, Red vs White Team Match - White Team


Yudansha                          Mudansha
1st place - T. Marsten, Kent      1st place - C. Capoeman, Tacoma
2nd place - K. McManus, Kent      2nd place - G. Wroblewski, Bellevue
3rd place - A. Law, Sno-King      3rd place - A. Yorita, UW
3rd place - J. DeJong, Highline   3rd place - S. Kua, UW

1st place - Bellevue, 34 points   2nd place - UW, 31 points

Sportsmanship Pledge - D. Sasaki, Highline


Koji (Frank) Fukawa

On December 21, 2015, a major Southern California presence left us when Kendo Renshi 6th Dan Koji (Frank) Fukawa passed away. Born November 16, 1926 in Lompoc, he lived there until 1942 when he and his family were interned at Poston, where they stayed until 1945, when they moved to Ontario, Oregon. Enlisting in the Army, he served as an intelligence analyst during the Allied occupation of Japan, 1946-1949, reaching the rank of sergeant. He then received an AA degree from LA City College, and in 1955 married Kazumi Uwate, moving to La Marada in 1964. An industrial chemist, Fukawa Sensei was an instructor at Norwalk Kendo Club, President, Vice President, and Secretary of the SCKF, and a member of the Orange County Buddhist Temple.

Henry Shigeru Asai

A great friend and encouragement to many in the PNKF, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan and Iaido 4th Dan Henry Shigeru Asai passed away December 24, 2015. Born in Walnut Grove January 1, 1920 where the family farmed, he later moved with them to Nagoya, but as war loomed in the late 1930s Henry was sent back to the US, and graduating from LA Polytechnic High School, he enlisted in the Army. He was offered battlefield interpreting in MIS, but preferred to complete cooking and baking school, serving in England, France, Italy, and Germany, followed by a 40+ year career with Vons Markets. He began Kendo at age 50 at West LA, and went on to contribute greatly to the formation of Venice Dojo and its programs. Traveling extensively to participate vigorously in seminars, tournaments, and shinsa, with his life wisdom and unfailing good humor, Asai Sensei was hugely kind and inspirational to many, especially those who may have started Kendo later in life.

Our deepest condolences to the families and many friends of Fukawa Sensei and Asai Sensei.


AJKF KODANSHA SHINSA, November 24, 2015, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

KYOSHI: Iwao Sato (Wahiawa).

AJNF GODAN SHINSA, January 24, 2016, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

5TH DAN: Karen Yesowich Schmucker, (PNNF), Kei Tsukamaki (PNNF).

PNKF IAIDO SHINSA, February 27, 2016, Tyee Educational Complex, SeaTac

3RD KYU: Ball (Tonbo), Khoi Duong (Kent), Ian Otto (Seattle), Donald Wentworth (Tonbo). 2ND KYU: Mikako Barlow (AiShinKai), Adam Clark (AiShinKai), Victor Whitman (Seattle). 1ST KYU: Thane Mittelstaedt (AiShinKai), Ken Tawara (Idaho). 1ST DAN: Ryan Atagi (Idaho), Mart Hughes (Obukan), Francic Maier (Everett), Richard Milde (Tonbo). 2ND DAN: Sam Wilkins (Everett). 3RD DAN: Narbeh Bagdasarian (SCKF), Frederick Fourie (AiShinKai), Callie Goeke (RenMa), Lynn Miyauchi (Musokai).

PNKF KENDO SHINSA, February 27, 2016, Tyee Educational Complex, SeaTac

6TH KYU: Sean Kim (Seattle), Kai Kubal-Komoto (Federal Way), Aneurin Mabale (Seattle), Taiki Miyamoto (Northwest), Uno Tate (Alaska), Kassidy Ting (Northwest), Timaeus Ting (Northwest). 5TH KYU: Kyle Hale (Seattle), Daniel Kao (Tacoma), Hana Koob (Bellevue), Drew Migita (Seattle). 4TH KYU: Kira Campbell (Sno-King), Emily Cho (Cascade), Helen Fukuda (Cascade), Kiana Fukuda (Cascade), Kyle Fukuda (Cascade), Tom Fukuda (Cascade), Eugene Kim (Seattle), Whitney Langford (Obukan), Ffion Mabale (Seattle), Francis Maier (Everett), Darren Migita (Seattle), Sandra Mizuno (Seattle), Aska Mooko (Bellevue), Leonardo Ohata (Bellevue), Michizane Ohata (Bellevue), Nagato Orita (Seattle), Joshua Paik (Tacoma), Keiji Underhill (Northwest), Victor Whitman (Seattle), Donna Wilson (Seattle), Binah Yeung (Seattle). 3RD KYU: Benet Garcia (Bellevue), Hyunjun Jang (Cascade), Jinho Jeon (Bellevue), Mia Kao (Tacoma), Raymond Kao (Tacoma), Josh Kim (Federal Way), Kasey Kitchel (Sno-King), Terry Langford (Obukan), Elysia Midorikawa (Bellevue), Young-ki Paik (Tacoma), Catherine Park (Bellevue), Tyler Peterson (Idaho), Ann Rubin (Tacoma), Sarah Tyree (UW), Kengo Underhill (Northwest), Brayan Valdez-Cruz (Northwest). 2ND KYU: Cougar Capoeman (Tacoma), Timothy Jaybush (Bellevue), Sunghi Kim (Northwest), Allison Kojima (Bellevue), Rachel Koo (Bellevue), Evan Kriechbaum (Portland), Spencer Kua (UW), Elijah Lam (Everett), Long Le (UW), Brian LeSmith (Edmonds), Carlos Matutes (Idaho), Gregory Vielhaber (Portland), Chris Vitale (OSU), Adrienne Wilburn (Portland), Joshua Zheng (OSU). 1ST KYU: Clyde Bailey (Portland), Maya Blechschmidt (Bellevue), Vincent DeBellis (Portland), Jihan Kim (OSU), Soo-Hyung Kim (Seattle), Dan McLean (Portland), Peter Palmer (Northwest), Stephen Ting (Northwest), Adesanjo Wolfe (Alaska), Tyler Yamashita (Seattle). 1ST DAN: Fritz Borchardt (Edmonds), Murray Bratland (Bellevue), Addison Knappett (OSU), Alick Law (Sno-King), Soohmin Lee (Bellevue), Brian Liao (Bellevue), Andrew Miller (Portland), Mikiyo Ohashi (Edmonds), Leo Shibata (Bellevue), Andrew Yuen (Seattle). 2ND DAN: Fang-Ying Chu (Sno-King), Jane Higa (Bellevue), Terry McManus (Kent), Andrew Nagasawa (Bellevue). 3RD DAN: Erik Christianson (Edmonds), Mark Frederick (Northwest), Brandon Goh (Seattle), Apurva Jantrania (Obukan), Su Hwan Kim (Northwest), Richard Lei (Seattle), Tero Patana (Sno-King). 4TH DAN: CJ Chaney (Sno-King), Stephen Day (Kent), Masami Suzuki (Sno-King), Alfred Tan (Northwest), Valera Vulfson (Northwest).

EAST COAST IAIDO SEMINAR SHINSA, March 13, 2016, Holy Ghost Prep. School, Bensalem, Pennsylvania

4TH KYU: Davin Hattaway (Princeton), Chris Kim (Princeton), Andrew Park (Princeton). 3RD KYU: Dylan Abrams (Princeton), Dominique Alfandari (SeiZanKai), Enver Bajraktarevic (KenZen), Soochul Bang (Shidogakuin), Helene Cousin (SeiZanKai), Kevin Ding (Princeton), James Dover (Princeton), Ritchard Higham (KenZen), Peter Kim (Doshikai), Terry Lewis (Norwalk), Ina Park (Princeton), Yoojin Seon (Princeton), Albert Valentin III (Itto Kai), Jonathan Velazco (Princeton), Kathleen Villemaire (Doshikai), Di Wang (Shidogakuin), Benjamin Wingate (Itto Kai), Jing Ye (Nichibukan). 2ND KYU: Axel Anderson (Doshikai), Jason Carl (Princeton), Jerry Chen (Nichibukan), Jeremie Clark (Doshikai), Garry Dodd (Princeton), Kevin Huang (Shidogakuin), Shiro Kondo (KenZen), Minsoo Seon (Princeton), Louis Thauvin (KenZen), Joshua Yang (Princeton). 1ST KYU: Noriko Ambe (Ken Zen), Maryann Amici (Ken Zen), Mark Gottlieb (Shidogakuin), Charles Johnson (Baltimore-Annapolis), Dmitry Murashchik (Balt-Annapolis), Michael Temple (Doshikai), Akihiko Watanabe (Shidogakuin), Joseph Wong (Shidogakuin. 1ST DAN: Victor Betts (Doshikai), Gary Cotton (Doshikai), David Dudek (KenZen), Abel Erives (Doshikai). 2ND DAN: Mitko Botev (Doshikai), Jeffrey Heinze Fry (SeiZanKai), Michael Kamish (Itto Kai), Szilvia Kovari-Krecsmary (Shidogakuin), James Cody Kroll (Itto Kai), Yoonhee Macke (Shidogakuin). 3RD DAN: John Mullin (Ken Zen), Stephen Tomshaw (Shidogakin).


Ogawa Sensei taught me the traditional Japanese culture of Kyoto and how to endure and adapt to cold and suffering, to gain confidence and become a Nihon Kendoist. Once in Kyoto, I had no time to analyze, to be nervous. I did what others told me and thereby adjusted to the circumstances ("Rin Ki Oh Hen") of my new life. I say, no "Big Deal!" Day in and day out all I did was:

   sleep, then get up;
   eat, then move;
   sleep again, then get up again:
   Ne Te Oki Te;
   Tabe Te Ugoi Te
   Ne Te Oki Te.

The noodle shop gave me the only time - practically no time - for thinking, because my body just got on with the job of eating by itself. "Move" meant chores, which continued because I remained in my room at Kodo Kan, never living with my fellow students even after I finally passed the entrance exam for Busen after graduating from Japanese high school and studying in night school and was accepted as a formal student at Busen. Of course, "move" mostly meant kendo practice.

Every morning from 6 AM to 7 AM I would do kangeiko, morning practice, at Busen. For the first year, we only trained kirikaeshi the basic exercise of repeating side head cuts. That was for the whole year! This is a very basic cut, and other students who had been tops in their high schools were bored and would complain that they had already trained kote and other cuts considered more advanced. "All you do is kirikaeshi; if you don?t like it, go home!" the sempais would answer. These were the instructions of Ogawa Sensei and were not to be contradicted. After the morning practice, from 7 AM to 8 AM, we ate breakfast.

Once I was officially accepted into Busen, I attended lectures from 8 AM to noon consisting of more Japanese language, both modern and classic, and Japanese calligraphy. Calligraphy has long been associated with the Samurai. In the first page of the Ground Book Miyamoto Musashi noted that the "warrior's is the two-fold Way of brush and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways." Young men of the Japanese nobility of the Tokugawa period were educated solely in the Chinese classics and exercising in word techniques. Brush and sword were to be in accord "bunbu Itchi."

Lunch was from noon to 1 PM. And then more keiko from 1 PM to 3 PM. Then from 3 PM to 4 PM was afternoon practice, Koshuka (short training after regular training). This was the "voluntary practice" which I had already learned was not really voluntary. If you didn't attend, unless you were a senior with other commitments to assist in keiko somewhere else, you didn't belong in Busen. After 4 PM I would go home to study. But I continued to clean the dojo and do all of the chores I had done since arriving.

Finally it was time for evening practice at Kodo Kan when I would practice with Ogawa Sensei. Kendo practice was a minimum of about six hours per day, but still less than the keiko of Miyamoto Musashi! You could never practice too much.

--Rod Nobuto Omoto, Autobiography, edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 23-24. Available as free download at


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