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Volume 31, number 1/2/3

January/February/March 2017


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12th ANNUAL PACIFIC INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURNAMENT - January 28, 2017, Langara College, Vancouver, BC

Women                               Non-Bogu
1st place - Bernice Lin, UW         1st place - Gene Ju, SFU
2nd place - Erica DeJong, UW        2nd place - Edward Li, SFU
3rd place - Kaylyn Kale, UBC        3rd place - Sean Lu, SFU
3rd place - Becca Hsu, SFU          3rd place - Eric Gao, SFU

Men 1 Kyu and Above                 Men 2 Kyu and Below
1st place - Tsuyoshi Hamanaka, UBC  1st place - Brandon Vernon, Langara
2nd place - Ryota Kuki, UBC         2nd place - Kevin Chiang, UBC
3rd place - Andrew Chen, UBC        3rd place - Chris Tang, SFU
3rd place - Tiarnan Marsten, UW     3rd place - Jason Tang, Langara

1st place - UBC (Andrew Chen, Kaylyn Kale, Aya Hioki, Kevin Chiang, Ellis Cheng, Ryota Kuki)
2nd place - SFU (Chris Tang, PoWei Chen, Michael Hong, Spencer Myrtle, Gabriel Ng)
3rd place - UVic (T. Koyano, Matt Pomeroy, S. Nichols, Kirk Mercer, Mark Pomeroy, S. Shan, Makiko Tahara)
3rd place - UW (Bernice Lin, Khang Le, Erica DeJong, Corey Chan, Marco Eum, Anna Ngo, Connor Blomquist, Tiarnan Marsten)

55th ANNUAL STEVESTON KENDO TOURNAMENT - February 11, 2017, McMath High School

10 Years and Under                  11 to 13 Years                       14 to 15 Years
1st place - T. Ariga, Butokuden     1st place - J. Huang, NCKF           1st place - P. Ikeda, NCKF
2nd place - K. Yoshimura, Renbu     2nd place - A. Onitsuka, NCKF        2nd place - R. Kim, Renbu
3rd place - N. Son, Renbu           3rd place - B. Miki, Steveston       3rd place - E. Chui, Steveston
3rd place - S. Tominaga, Renbu      3rd place - C. Robillard, Steveston  3rd place - ET Chen, NCKF

0-4 Kyu                             1-3 Kyu                              Women 1 Dan and Under
1st place - R. Soriano, UW          1st place - J. Yoon, SCKF            1st place - A. Kojima, Bellevue
2nd place - K. Fukuda, Cascade      2nd place - T. Shiomi, Zousoukan     2nd place - C. Ikeda, NCKF
3rd place - JS Lee, Central         3rd place - S. Myrtle, SFU           3rd place - S. Maekawa, SCKF
3rd place - A. Drake, Kelowna       3rd place - M. Park, Central         3rd place - I. Kim, Renbu

Women 2 Dan and Over                1-2 Dan                              3 Dan
1st place - H. Yamada, Vancouver    1st place - M. Uto, NCKF             1st place - J. Williams, SCKF
2nd place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu     2nd place - E. Lee, Renbu            2nd place - R. Asato, Vancouver
3rd place - M. Otsuka, NCKF         3rd place - J. Croes, Portland       3rd place - K. Mizobe, SCKF
3rd place - E. Marsten, Highline    3rd place - T. Marsten, Kent         3rd place - B. Shin, Central

4 Dan and Above
1st place - D. Huh, SCKF
2nd place - J. Chang, SCKF
3rd place - R. Yasumura, Ontario
3rd place - J. Brown, SCKF

Junior Team                                    Senior Team
1st place - NCKF A (Chen,Onitsuka,             1st place - SCKF (J.Williams,J.Chang, 
             Chen,Ikeda,Park)                               D.Huh,J.Hakakeyama,J.Brown)
2nd place - Steveston A (Robillard,Miki,       2nd place - Renbu (H.Shim,E.Kita,
             E.Chui,M.Iwai,S.Ito)                           J.Kurahashi,D.Taguchi,D.Ara)
3rd place - Tozenji (Shimizu,Kanauchi,         3rd place - Century (D.Hong,IS.Chun
             Kanauchi,Mereigh,Fukuoka,Kono)                 J.Lee,B.Shin,HK.Ryu,M.Park)
3rd place - NCKF B (Hong,Ikeda                 3rd place - JungKo (K.Lee,I.Park,
             Huang,Vasquez,Fan)                             H.Kim,K.Kim,J.Choi)

Sportsmanship Pledge - Leanne Kiyomi Murao


Yudansha                          Mudansha
1st place - T. Marsten, Kent      1st place - R. Soriano, UW
2nd place - K. McManus, Kent      2nd place - A. Yorita, UW
3rd place - J. DeJong, Highline   3rd place - K. Wang, UW
3rd place - P. Lin, Bellevue      3rd place - V. Blancarte, Sno-King

1st place - UW, 47 points   2nd place - Bellevue, 25 points   Portland - 23 points

Sportsmanship Pledge - Jennifer DeJong, Highline


PNKF IAIDO SHINSA, January 8, 2017, Boise State

2ND KYU: Rhett Atagi (Idaho), Jared Bowler (Zenbukan RMKF), Hiroyuki Maeda (Idaho), Gary Moulder (Palo Alto NCKF), Tyler Peterson (Idaho). 1ST KYU: Cliff Asai (Venice SCKF), Nathan Williams (Dallas RMKIF). 1ST DAN: Frank Hauser (Alaska), Aleasha Jay (RMBK RMKIF), Sangki Lee (Dallas NCKF), Ashley Moore (Dallas SWKIF), Denise Verastigue (Dallas SWKIF), Sean Zhu (Dallas SWKIF).

PNKF IAIDO SHINSA, February 25, 2017, Middle School, SeaTac

3RD KYU: Yuriko Lee (Obukan), William Setunsky (Tacoma), Nikhil Varma (Seattle), Nicodemus Edwin Widjonarko (Obukan). 2ND KYU: Khoi Duong (Kent). 1ST KYU: Mikako Barlow (Musokai), Sean Horita (Musokai). 1ST DAN: Victor Whitman (Seattle). 3RD DAN: Benjamin Cassel (RenMa), Ronen Totonchi (Musokai).

PNKF KENDO SHINSA, February 25, 2017, Middle School, SeaTac

6TH KYU: Jordan Bone (Northwest), Selin Kim (Bellevue), David Sterling (Northwest), Jonathan Yu (Northwest). 5TH KYU: Kristofer Chiu (Obukan), Kyle Chiu (Northwest), Nicholas Chu (Bellevue), Devin Chung (Cascade), Teo Dage (Bellevue), Justin Davis (Northwest), Matt Miyamoto (Northwest), Taiki Miyamoto (Northwest), Daniel Shilov (Bellevue), Ethan Sugimoto (Kent), Nina Underhill (Northwest). 4TH KYU: Matheus Bandur (Cascade), Danny Chung (Cascade), Nikolas Faulkner (Edmonds), Kyle Hale (Seattle), Hayeon Kim (Bellevue), Isabella Lee (Federal Way), Ian McAbee (Meadowbrook), Sergio Ortega (Seattle), Kassidy Ting (Northwest), Timaeus Ting (Northwest), Nikhil Varma (Seattle), David Yip (Cascade). 3RD KYU: Kamia Acoba (Everett), Victor Blancarte (Sno-King), James Faulkner (Edmonds), Helen Fukuda (Cascade), Kiana Fukuda (Cascade), Kyle Fukuda (Cascade), Tom Fukuda (Cascade), Keila Kimura (Federal Way), Sudhanvi Koneti (UW), Noah Larson (Federal Way), Khang Le (UW), Daniel Lee (Tacoma), Simon Lee (Federal Way), Benjamin Marx (Federal Way), Jason Nguyen (UW), Poul Nichols (Edmonds), Rouen de la O (Edmonds), Nagato Orita (Seattle), Lea Reuter (Alaska), Michele Soleimani (Portland), Blake Sprenger (Obukan), Fred Wang (UW), Francis Welsh (UW), Gerald Whitmarsh (Edmonds), Nicodemus Edwin Widjonarko (Obukan). 2ND KYU: Hien Katayama (Edmonds), Josh Kim (Bellevue), Sandra Mizuno (Seattle), Jamie Mulvihill (Edmonds), Leonardo Ohata (Bellevue), Michizane Ohata (Bellevue), Chi Pak (Portland), Edward Park (Bellevue),Ann Rubin (Tacoma), Keiji Underhill (Northwest), Yuki Wakasaki (Obukan), Shun Wetlesen (Obukan), Victor Whitman (Seattle), Donna Wilson (Seattle), Binah Yeung (Seattle). 1ST KYU: Brian LeSmith (Edmonds), David Nash (Edmonds), Tyler Peterson (Idaho). 1ST DAN: Cougar Capoeman (Tacoma), Allison Kojima (Bellevue), Spencer Kua (UW), Yuriko Lee (Obukan), Charles Matthews (Cascade), Dan McLean (Portland), Camille Nagasawa (Bellevue), Peter Palmer (Northwest), Betty Park (Bellevue), Gregory Vielhaber (Portland), Tyler Yamashita (Seattle). 2ND DAN: Murray Bratland (Highline), Jacob Colter (Cascade), Van Le (Obukan), Mikiyo Ohashi (Edmonds), Jason Yu (Northwest). 3RD DAN: Jaered Croes (Portland), Tiarnan Marsten (Kent), Masumi Rinaldi (Bellevue). 4TH DAN: Sean DeBlieck (Sno-King), Young Kim (Northwest), Marko Scott (Sno-King).


In the Water Book are all the specific instructions for the skills of Kendo: bearing, stance, gaze, grip, footwork, attitude, approaches, timing, cuts, parries, communications. If I did 10 or 50 suburi per week in Hawaii, I did 50 to 100 per day at Busen, just for warm-up. I made so many strikes that I forgot I was striking. Pushed physically beyond all thought and concept, the sword truly became an extension of my body just as the hand is an extension of the arm and taken completely for granted. It felt natural. If one thinks about the action, it does not produce the natural smooth and effective motion that though not hurried, is quick. I learned Zanshin, practiced best when exhaustion is so great that no more physical movement can be imagined. The literal translation for Zanshin is "remaining spirit." No matter how conclusive a strike may be, whether in the battlefield or in the sports match where the final point is seemingly won, the kendoist must not quit; the kendoist is always prepared! The spirit must remain. Training - the 10,000, the 100,000 suburi - is to achieve spontaneity, to teach the body to act without thought. Always alert, always present, never over eager or uptight or assuming victory, Zanshin as "Kokoro Ga Nokoru" (the heart remains) is the essence of Kendo spirit. Zanshin can only occur when the sword and the swordsman are one, itchi, and sword actions are as natural as walking calmly and easily along a street. And so, we practiced and practiced and practiced some more at Busen. This I now realize was the wisdom of Ogawa Sensei requiring kirikaeshi for an hour a day for an entire year. Zanshin is essential aspect of the Nihon Kendo Kata. The Kata, or forms, were a significant part of our practice. Not only do the forms use all of the techniques, but also necessitate relationship with the opponent as the Kendo Kata is always performed by two people. Usually the Sensei or the senior kendoist plays the "Uchi Tachi" and the student or less experienced kendoist plays the "Shi Dachi."

--Rod Nobuto Omoto, Autobiography, edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 24-25. Available as free download at


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