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Kenyu Online

Volume 29, number 9/10/11

September/October/November 2015


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At their November 21, 2015 meeting, the PNKF Board elected officers. President - David Yotsuuye; Vice President - Doug Imanishi; Secretary of Internal Affairs - Brian Blomquist; Recording Secretary - Thomas Bolling; Treasurer - Mary DeJong.

The Directors are: Jonathan Bannister (AiShinKai), Brian Blomquist (Everett), Connor Blomquist (UW), Thomas Bolling (Bellevue), Jaered Croes (Portland), Mark Frederick (Northwest), An Giang (Northwest), Noelle Grimes (Sno-King), Nathan Holtorf (Obukan), Doug Imanishi (Seattle), Addison Knappett (OSU), Michael Mabale (Seattle), Curtis Marsten (Kent), Vicki Marsten (Kent), Edward Olson (Tonbo), Robert Stroud (Idaho), Val Vulfson (Northwest), Aaron Yen (Seattle), and David Yotsuuye (Bellevue). Jeff Marsten (Bellevue/Highline/Sno-King) continues as Advisor. CJ Chaney (Sno-King) was elected UW Advisor. Shinichi Koike and Jeff Marsten are members of the AUSKF Board of Directors.

9th ANNUAL PNKF IAIDO TAIKAI - September 27, 2015, Rain City Fencing Center, Bellevue, Washington

Mudansha                                  Yudansha 1-2 Dan
1st place - T. Mittelstaedt, AiShinKai    1st place - C. Goeke, Renma
2nd place - V. Whitman, Seattle           2nd place - C. Parkins, Renma
3rd place - R. DeAnda, Everett            3rd Place - N. Bagdasarian, Pasadena
3rd place - I. Otto, Seattle              3rd Place - L. Sukiassyan, San Fernando Valley

Yudansha 3-4 Dan (Noguchi Cup)            Teams (Murosako Cup)
1st place - H. Fukumoto, Seattle          1st place - Musokai (G. Goerlitz, L. Miyauchi, I. Otto)
2nd place - S. Kozawa, Seattle            2nd place - Everett (B. Blomquist, L. Sukiassyan, R. DeAnda)
3rd place - G. Goerlitz, Musokai
3rd place - M. Ando, Alaska

9th ALL CHINA KENDO TOURNAMENT - October 17/18, 2015, Shenzhen, China

Women Individual                                       Men Individual 
1st place - Zhenzhen Qin, Chengdu Wuxianliu            1st place - Zhonglin Zhang, Beijing Wushu
2nd place - Huifang Yang, Guangzhou Wude               2nd place - Peng Ha, Shenzhen Mo Jian
3rd place - Mengyu Wang, Beijing Ren Shin Kan          3rd place - Liang Ma, Beijing Ren Shin Kan 
3rd place - Elizabeth Bergen-Bartel, Chengdu Wuxianliu 3rd place - Xuan Chen, Ningbo Kendo Ai Hao Hui

Women Team                                Men Team
1st place - Shanghai United               1st place - Shenzhen Mo Jian
2nd place - Chengdu                       2nd place - Beijing Ren Shin Kan
3rd place - Guangzhou Dao Guan A          3rd place - Wuhan Lian Dao A
3rd place - Chengdu-Chongqing United      3rd place - Beijing

16th INVITATIONAL TACOMA KENDO TAIKAI - October 24, 2015, Curtis High School, University Place

9 and Under                               10-12 Kyu
1st place - Kai Kubal-Komoto, Federal Way 1st place - Keiji Underhill, Northwest
2nd place - Devan Chung, Cascade          2nd place - Danny Chung, Cascade
3rd place - Dan Terao, Cascade            3rd place - Josh Kim, Federal Way

13-15 Kyu                                 16-18 Kyu 
1st place - Kengo Underhill, Northwest    1st place - Jun-Wing Chen, Bellevue
2nd place - Allison Kojima, Bellevue      2nd place - Noah Larson, Federal Way
3rd place - Betty Park, Bellevue          3rd place - David Yip, Cascade

Adult 0-2 Kyu                             Adult 1 Kyu-1 Dan
1st place - Joshua Wigant, Portland       1st place - Terry McManus, Kent
2nd place - Su-Hwan Kim, Northwest        2nd place - Alick Law, Sno-King
3rd place - Long Le, UW                   3rd place - Nicholas Cook, Portland

Youth Dan                                 Adult 2-3 Dan
1st place - Tiarnan Marsten, Kent         1st place - Aaron Yen, Seattle
2nd place - Keeley McManus, Kent          2nd place - Stephen Day, Kent
3rd place - Jennifer DeJong, Highline     3rd place - Bernice Lin, Bellevue

Junior Team
1st place - Bellevue Red (B. Park, M. Blechschmidt, A. Kojima)
2nd place - Bellevue White (L. Ohata, L. Shibata, M. Ohata)

Senior Team
1st place - Kent B (K. McManus, E. Ishii, T. Marsten)
2nd place - Kent A (T. McManus, N. Larson, S. Day)

National Anthem Singer - Alisa Yoshikawa
Sportsmanship Pledge - Mia Kao
Award Presentation - Alisa Yoshikawa
Shinpan Cho - David S. Yotsuuye

41st ANNUAL PNKF KENDO TOURNAMENT - November 7, 2015, Kent

10 Years and Under                        11-12 Years
1st place - C. Robillard, Steveston       1st place - B. Miki, Steveston
2nd place - H. Homma, Renbu               2nd place - L. Ohata, Bellevue
3rd place - K. Squance, Renbu             3rd place - K. Underhill, Northwest
3rd place - R. Nakano, Steveston          3rd place - H. Asaoka, Youshinkan

13-15 Years                               High School Girls
1st place - E. Lee, Renbu                 1st place - B. Park, Bellevue
2nd place - M. Iwai, Steveston            2nd place - J. DeJong, Highline
3rd place - K. Muramatsu, Steveston       3rd place - J. Higa, Bellevue
3rd place - H. Kim, Bellevue              3rd place - M. Blechschmidt, Bellevue

High School Boys                          Women Kyu
1st place - T. Okitsu, Tozenji            1st place - S. Tyree, UW
2nd place - L. Oka, Tozenji               2nd place - H. Nguyen, Edmonds
3rd place - T. Marsten, Kent              3rd place - S. Rotenberg, Steveston
3rd place - B. Liao, Bellevue             3rd place - A. Tesar, Vancouver

0-4 Kyu                                   3-1 Kyu
1st place - Y. Cheng, UBC                 1st place - K. Toyokawa, Tacoma
2nd place - E. Cheng, UBC                 2nd place - G. Vielhaber, Portland
3rd place - O. Young, Renbu               3rd place - L. Le, UW
3rd place - C. Pak, Portland              3rd place - A. Knappett, OSU

Women Dan                                 1-2 Dan
1st place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu           1st place - T. Saito, Vancouver
2nd place - C. Takeuchi, Youshinkan       2nd place - D. Yao, Steveston
3rd place - M. Suzuki, Sno-King           3rd place - H. Shim, Renbu
3rd place - K. Takeuchi, Youshinkan       3rd place - V. Ruiz, Mexico

3 Dan                                     4 Dan and Above
1st place - Y. Yoshikawa, Northwest       1st place - B. Imanishi, Cascade
2nd place - E. Porras, Mexico             2nd place - N. Tanimura, Seattle
3rd place - J. Okada, Cascade             3rd place - A. Giang, Northwest
3rd place - K. Takeuchi, Youshinkan       3rd place - M. Mabale, Seattle

Junior Team
1st place - Bellevue A (B. Park, H. Kim, A. Kojima, M. Blechschmidt, B. Liao)
2nd place - Renbu (H. Chun, R. Kim, E. Lee, K. Squance, I. Kim)
3rd place - Tozenji (N. Horikawa, A. Shimizu, M. Watanabe, K. Kono, J. An)
3rd place - Cascade A (H. Jang, JY Lee, K. Fukuda, JW Lee, D. Chung)

Senior Team
1st place - Vancouver (T. Saito, T. Yamada, H. Yamada, Hi. Yamada, J. Schmidt)
2nd place - Steveston (S. O Sullivan, I. Miki, N. Nakano, K. Iwai, I. Takagaki)
3rd place - Mexico (V. Ruiz, C. Rogairo, CJ Chaney, E. Porras, P. Garcia)
3rd place - Youshinkan (Ke. Takeuchi, J. Chien, Ka. Takeuchi, A. Xie, K. Kobayashi)

Sportsmanship Pledge - Tiarnan Marsten   Shinpan Cho - Shinichi Koike
Shoji Trophy - Andrew Nagasawa, Bellevue


NCKF KENDO SHINSA, November 1, 2015, Stanford University

3RD DAN: Erica Tam (San Jose).

AUSKF KODANSHA SHINSA, November 15, 2015, Novi, Michigan

5TH DAN: Ryan Atagi (Idaho).

AJKF KODANSHA SHINSA, November 15, 2015, Aichi, Nagoya

6TH DAN: David Yeo (Singapore).

AJKF KODANSHA SHINSA, November 24, 2015, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

6TH DAN: Daisaku David Taguchi (Chinook).

7TH DAN: Mark Uchida (Bunshinkan).


I remember my send-off. There was a big party with good food. It was a party of enough importance that my mother offered beer she made and stored under the house for several of the older men, including Miura Sensei. My father never drank, not even for this party which was as much congratulatory for him as for me. All our neighbors and classmates attended. Everyone in the Japanese community was proud and my success would also be their success. I was embarrassed that my trip to Japan was not as wonderful to me as it was to them. But I showed humble enthusiasm for my good fortune and truly great appreciation to my father and Miura Sensei for making this possible.

Miura Sensei gave me one of his own books in Japanese as a going away gift. My father had purchased my ticket and would provide the money for my expenses at Busen. It was more than any of the other neighbors in our poor community could have provided. I thanked everyone, especially Miura Sensei, even though I was not much of a reader.

Miura Sensei helped me pack. He was pleased with the condition of my shinais and my hakama, and made sure I didn't forget the book he had given me: "Kendo" by Takano Sasaburo Sensei, which I still have and reread today. He told me I could read it during my twenty-day journey. "The book will provide a review," he explained, "of the Kendo principles we've spoken of and help you practice Japanese. Now you can read the words of Miyamoto Musashi. You will arrive well prepared. And on deck, don't forget suburi. Remember, you can do suburi anywhere. You can do it sitting down if there is no room to stand or too much rolling on the ship to gain good footing." I promised him I would study and practice.

I was somewhat interested in "The Book of Five Rings" which was contained in Sasaburo Sensei's book. Miyamoto Musashi, the author of "The Book of Five Rings", had become a hero to me. Musashi, born in 1584, is the greatest swordsman in Japanese history. I thought I would probably enjoy his accounts of battles, especially since he slew a man in a one-on-one battle when he was just thirteen. Besides, this was a short section within the larger book of "Kendo", and I thought I could read it quickly. I felt I was fluent in Japanese, so did not intend to study too diligently; suburi was more attractive to me. I would keep in shape and be ready for my first practice at Busen, rather than any philosophical discussions. Practice was the practical course of action.

I started to read the book Miura Sensei gave me while I was waiting to steam out of the harbor. I was surprised to find how difficult it was to translate and understand the book. But I rationalized that this was old-style Japanese so I should be fine with modern Japanese. I assumed Old Japanese was of little relevance to my education.

I was mistaken about everything concerning the trip to Busen. I manage to read the introduction and first chapter, "Chi No Maki" or the "Ground Book" of the "Book of Five Rings." It was about twelve pages long but described no action filled battles. But I never read another page after the ship steamed from the harbor, and I never did a minute of suburi. What do I remember of the twenty-day voyage? Nothing! Well, not exactly nothing. I remember the head, the ship's toilet in the hall by my room. My head in the head! I decided I should have learned surfing instead of kendo for this trip because I was seasick the entire time. There isn't anything more miserable. I stood on deck and tried to gulp cool air; I tried to walk; I tried to meditate; I tried to hold my breath, to keep my eyes closed, to keep my eyes focused on one object. I tried eating, and not eating. Nothing helped. Lying on my bunk with no movement and no food in my stomach was the best I could do. No reading, no suburi - nothing. This was not Samurai spirit. Twenty days seemed an eternity. I wanted to set my foot on solid ground!

--Rod Nobuto Omoto, Autobiography, edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 21-22. Available as free download at

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