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Kenyu Online

Volume 28, number 6/7

June/July 2014


  1. Aug 9, PNKF Shinsa, Sat, Iaido 9am-12noon; Kendo 12:30-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  2. Sep 5/6/7, PNKF Idaho Kendo Seminar and Shinsa, Sat/Sun, TVCC Easley Gym, 650 College Blvd, Ontario, Oregon
    Friday 6:30-8:30pm, West Boise YMCA, Fitness Room, Boise, Idaho, Kendo Class
    Saturday 10am-4pm, Kendo Seminar, TVCC Easley Gym
    Sunday 9-10am, Kendo Shinsa (up to 1 Dan), TVCC Easley Gym
    Sunday 10am-3pm, Seminar and Competition, TVCC Easley Gym
    Seminar Cost: $25 payable upon arrival.
    Open to all levels of kenshi, Seminar will cover kata, kihon, and a focus on practicall application of 
    waza to shiai/keiko.
    Sunday Shinsa. Testing will go up to kendo shodan. Candidates MUST be a currently registered member of 
    AUSKF, and have their instructors permission in order to test. Shinsa application must be received by 
    Robert Stroud August 29th.
    Lodging is available at area hotels, and at the college dormitory (with advanced registration).
    We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends at this year's event. Please let me know if you plan 
    to attend the seminar, take the shinsa, go to the Saturday dinner, or need help with lodging?
    Robert Stroud
    cell: 208-867-0142
  3. Sep 20, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  4. Sep 27/28, PNKF Iaido Seminar, Sat/Sun, with Iaido Kyoshi 8th Dan Noguchi Hideo, Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan Aoki Shigehiro, and Iaido 6th Dan Suzuki Kaoru,Rain City Fencing, 1776 136th Place NE, Bellevue.
  5. Oct 4, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  6. Oct 18, Tacoma Taikai, Sat, 10am-4pm, Washington High School, 12420 Ainsworth Avenue South, Tacoma, WA.
  7. Nov 1, PNKF Taikai, Sat, 9:30am, Kent.
  8. Nov 22, Kent Taikai, Sat, report time 9am, start 9:30am, Kent.
  9. Jan 9/10/11, Oregon Iaido Seminar, Fri/Sat/Sun, venue: TBD, in Portland area.


  1. Aug 16, 1st Canadian Masters Kendo Tournament, with Kendo Hanshi 8th Dan Hironori Tahara, Sat, Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre (RAWC) University of Toronto at Mississauga, Ontario.
  2. Aug 16, 2nd Joint Vancouver/Renbu Advanced Teaching Techniques Seminsr, Sat, with Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan Takamitsu Iwamoto and Kendo 5th Dan Tomohiro Kanda, Vancouver BC.
  3. Aug 30/31, Shidogakuin 30th Anniversary Kendo Tournament, Sat/Sun, Washington DC area, Ernst Cultural Center, Annandale, Virginia.
  4. Sep 13/14, -CANCELED- UVic Kendo Club Ted Davis Memorial Seminar, Sat/Sun, with Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan Hiroshi Ozawa, author of Kendo - The Definitive Guide, professor at Tokyo University of Science, member of the AJKF Board of Directors, and permanent member of the Tokyo Kendo Federation Board of Directors. -CANCELED- Ozawa Sensei has been ordered by his doctor not to travel.
  5. Oct 11, 13th Annual Longhorn Invitational Team Kendo Taikai, Sat, Austin, Texas.
  6. Nov 8/9, AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun.
  7. May 2015, 16WKC, Tokyo, Japan.

2014 ROSE CITY TAIKAI - June 7, 2014, Portland Community College Sylvania

Senior Dan                             3rd Dan and Above
1st place - Robert Stroud, Idaho       1st place - Ryan Atagi, Idaho
2nd place - Curtis Marsten, Kent       2nd place - Stephen Day, Kent
3rd place - Nori Ampo, Obukan          3rd place - Steve Choi, Portland
3rd place - Wendy Sinclair, Spokane    3rd place - Leonid Tsybert, Bellevue

1-2 Dan                                1-2 Kyu
1st place - Chris Ruiz, Spokane        1st place - Terry McManus, Kent
2nd place - Yarrow Sandberg, Spokane   2nd place - Nicholas Cook, Portland
3rd place - Taryn Imanishi, Cascade    3rd place - Caleb Ogier, UW
3rd place - Andy Sinclair, Spokane     3rd place - Jake Yamauchi, Cascade

3 Kyu and Below                        Junior
1st place - Andrew Miller, Portland    1st place - Keeley McManus, Kent
2nd place - Eli Lam, Kent              2nd place - Kaoru Toyokawa, Tacoma
3rd place - Jaeyoon Lee, Obukan        3rd place - Jay Choi, Portland
3rd place - Jonathan Maurer, OSU       3rd place - Tiarnan Marsten, Kent

Junior Team
1st place - Team A (Dennis Lee, Tiarnan Marsten, Keeley McManus,)
2nd place - Team C (Andrew Nagasawa, Kaoru Toyokawa)
3rd place - Team B (Jay Choi, Evan Kriechbaum, Jessica Mclaury)

Adult Team
1st place - Portland A (J. Cross, J. Mochizuki, H. Park, S. Choi, N. Cook)
2nd place - Kent (B. Lu, I. Morgan, E. Lam, T. McManus, S. Day)
3rd place - Idaho (JP Stroud, C. Carrasco, M Miller, Rhett Atagi, R Stroud, Ryan Atagi)
3rd place - Ren Ma (S. Stern, J. Yamauchi, H. Fukumoto, D. Benton, G. Walker)

AUSKF 2014 IAIDO CHAMPIONSHIP - June 14, 2014, New York

0-2 Kyu                                 Murakami Cup 1 Kyu and 1 Dan
1st place - David Dudek, KenZen         1st place - Jeremy Wong, Palo Alto
2nd place - Chu Jane Hsiao, Shidogakuin 2nd place - Sean Henderson, Rocky Mountain
3rd place - Alec Milton, KenZen         3rd place - Michael Sareyani, KenZen
3rd place - Frank Campione, KenZen      3rd place - Jeffrey Heinze-Fry, SeiZanKai
 Kantosho - James Kroll, Itto Kai        Kantosho - Anthony Alessi, Summerlin

Murosako Cup 2 Dan and 3 Dan            Yamaguchi Cup 4 Dan and Above
1st place - Jonathan Corum, Nichibukan  1st place - Paul Shin, Shidogakuin
2nd place - Kevin Loughlin, KenZen      2nd place - Susan Sekreta, KenZen
3rd place - Aram Kailian, Shidogakuin   3rd place - Debi Farmer, Shidogakuin
3rd place - Andres Cabrera, Shidogakuin 3rd place - Terry Fukui, ZenKen
 Kantosho - Yuko Nishida, Shidogakui     Kantosho - Pam Parker, KenZen

LEEWARD OAHU KENDO TOURNAMENT - June 22, 2014, Mililani District Park Gym

Yonenbu 11 Years and Under               Shonenbu 12-14 Years
1st place - Shoshi Hashimoto, Wahiawa    1st place - Nicklas Matsumoto, Kenshikan
                                         2nd place - Kano Hashimoto, Wahiawa

Seinenbu                                 Women's Mudansha            
1st place - Sean Park, Mililani          1st place - Mie Miller, Lihue
2nd place - Connor McGrath, Lihue        2nd plcae - Jessica Oberry, Aiea Taiheiji

Women's Yudansha                         Yudansha 1-2 Dan
1st place - Rina Ono, Mililani           1st place - Kevin Chun, Kenshikan
2nd place - Jessica Sneed, Wahiawa       2nd place - Vincent Koyo Yancey, Myohoji
3rd place - Akiko Fujimoto, Mililani     3rd place - Daniel Anzai, Kenshikan
3rd place - Erika Hill, Aiea Taiheiji    3rd place - Grant Oliver, Kenshikan

Yudansha Masters 3 Dan and Above/Over 40 Yudansha 3 Dan and Above
1st place - Jon Shishido, Kenshikan      1st place - Hyun Kim, Kenshikan
2nd place - Tusha Buntin, Wahiawa        2nd place - Yusuke Masumo, Hawaii Tokai College
3rd place - Kojin Hashimoto, Wahiawa     3rd place - Wesley Fujimoto, Mililani
3rd place - Jay Suemori, Kenshikan       3rd place - Masatoshi Murakami, Hawaii Tokai College

Team                      Parents/Kids Team       James Oka Kantosho Fighting Spirit Award
1st place - Myohoji       Parents - 4             Erika Hill, Aiea Taiheiji
2nd place - Aiea Taiheiji Kids    - 3

12th ALL UNITED STATES KENDO CHAMPIONSHIPS - June 27/28/29, 2014, San Diego, California

Junior Youth Girls Individual             Junior Youth Boys Individual
1st place - Yuri Kil, SCKF                1st place - Tatsuya Horii, SCKF
2nd place - Keeley McManus, PNKF          2nd place - Brenden Wang, WKF
3rd place - Hannah Kim, PNKF              3rd place - Woohyeong Cho, SEUSKF
3rd place - Seyeon Park, NCKF             3rd place - James Ro, SEUSKF
 FS - Hanako Kiuchi, SCKO                  FS - Tiarnan Marsten, PNKF
 FS - Allison Kojima, PNKF                 FS - Arata Ogikubo, SCKO
 FS - Ririka Satoh, SCKF                   FS - Thomas Koizumi, ECUSKF
 FS - Taery Kim, SCKF                      FS - Muzashi Miyazato, SCKO

Senior Youth Girls Individual             Senior Youth Boys Individual
1st place - Bernice Lin, PNKF             1st place - Lui Suzuki, SCKF
2nd place - Melanie DeJong, PNKF          2nd place - Derek Choi, WKF
3rd place - Mirei Kato, GNEUSKF           3rd place - Kenneth Fujimoto, NCKF
3rd place - Jeanne-Marie Tchoumak, SEUSKF 3rd place - Koumei Chiba, NCKF
 FS - Chloe Lyu, NCKF                      FS - Ryosuke Ieuji, GNEUSKF
 FS - Mariko Hutchinson, SCKO              FS - Gaku Sasaki, SCKO
 FS - Rei Tanaka, SCKF                     FS - Sung Park, NCKF
 FS - Mina Liao, PNKF                      FS - Brian Wi, WKF

Mudansha Individual                       Senior Individual
1st place - Healin Park, AEUSKF           1st place - Jimmy Eitoku, NCKF
2nd place - Tetsuya Iwasaki, SCKF         2nd place - Osamu Fukaya, MWKF
3rd place - Clark Ono, SCKF               3rd place - Shoichi Morinaga, SCKO
3rd place - Trammell Williams, SCKO       3rd place - JayWook Park, SCKF
 FS - Todd Dirickson, SCKF                 FS - Mamoru Harada, NCKF
 FS - Jake Dupre, SWKIF                    FS - Jinkyu Seong, ECUSKF
 FS - Jeffrey Hunter Rice, SEUSKF          FS - Curtis Marsten, PNKF
 FS - Nicole Stark, SEUSKF                 FS - Lee Uchida, SCKO

Women's Individual                        Men's Individual
1st place - Esther Kim, SCKF              1st place - Brandon Harada, SCKF
2nd place - Isabel Lorimer, SCKO          2nd place - Ko Tabata, MWKF
3rd place - Roxine Nakamoto, SCKF         3rd place - Simon Yoo, SCKF
3rd place - Minako Harigai, SCKO          3rd place - Daniel Yang, SCKF
 FS - Linda Tanaka, NCKF                   FS - Jason Brown, SCKF
 FS - Keiko Umemura, AEUSKF                FS - Ken Kamimoto, SCKO
 FS - Sayaka Sugeta, SCKO                  FS - Jeffrey Chang, SCKF
 FS - Kaori Kikunaga, NCKF                 FS - Julian Williams, CCKF

Junior Youth Boys Team   Senior Youth Boys Team   Youth Girls Team
1st place - SCKO         1st place - SCKF         1st place - SCKF
2nd place - WKF          2nd place - WKF          2nd place - NCKF
3rd place - SCKF         3rd place - NCKF         3rd place - SEUSKF
4th place - GNEUSKF      4th place - EUSKF        4th place - GNEUSKF

Mudansha Team            Senior Team              Men's Team
1st place - SCKF         1st place - NCKF         1st place - SCKF
2nd place - SEUSKF       2nd place - SCKO         2nd place - SCKO
3rd place - SWKIF        3rd place - AEUSKF       3rd place - WKF
4th place - AEUSKF       4th place - MWKF         4th place - NCKF

Women's Team
1st place - SCKF (E. Kim, A. Dong, E. Anderson, N. Sano, R. Nakamoto, Y. Shikai)
2nd place - PNKF (B. Lin, M. DeJong, N. Grimes, E. DeJong, J. Chen, J. Frazier-Day, E. Marsten)
3rd place - AEUSKF (T. Yoshida, J. Winters, K. Umemura, M. Ishibashi, Y. Ko, M. Hamasaki)
4th place - NCKF (R. Wang, K. Nogami, E. Takami, C. Kikunaga, K. Chen, L. Tanaka)

18th Canadian National Kendo Championships - June 28, 2014, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Junior                                 Mudansha
1st place - Terry Okitsu, Tozenji      1st place - Ta-Shan Yao, Steveston
2nd place - Louis Oka, Tozenji         2nd place - Leo Leung, Steveston
3rd place - Richard Holzner, Tozenji   3rd place - Soo Hyung Choe, U of Western Ontario
3rd place - Hubert Shim, Renbu         3rd place - Stephane Ferrero, Isshin Montreal

Women                                  Yudansha
1st place - Kyoko Miyata, Manitoba     1st place - Eddie Yamashita, Etobicoke
2nd place - Kyrene Kim, Etobicoke      2nd place - Suguru Asaoka, Youshinkan
3rd place - Hanaca Yamada, Vancouver   3rd place - Shigemitsu Mitch Kamata, Etobicoke
3rd place - Emy Ugaji Toida, Montreal  3rd place - Kyle Eunseob Lee, Chinook

Team                                   Fighting Spirit
1st place - Etobicoke Kendo Club       Junior - Ji Rei Katsuta, JCCC
2nd place - McGill Kendo Club          Mudansha - Eli Oda Sheiner, McGill
3rd place - Jung Ko Kendo              Women - Man-San Ma, U of Toronto Kendo Club
3rd place - Renbu Dojo                 Yudansha - Hideki Sumi, Markham Kendo Club

15th US NAGINATA CHAMPIONSHIP - July 11, 2014, Bryn Mawr

Dangai Engi                                      Yudansha Engi
1st place - Anthony Bernot, Debby Bernot, SCNF   1st place - Andrew Hong, Kevin Sexton, SCNF
2nd place - Josh Sloan, Charlotte Merritt, RMNF  2nd place - Karen Schmucker, Kei Tsukamaki, PNNF
                                                 3rd place - Chris Coppeans, Bryce Harrop, PNNF

Zen Nihon Kata                                   Dangai Women's Individuals
1st place - Karen Schmucker, Kei Tsukamaki, PNNF 1st place - Talanda Williams, NCNF
2nd place - Juan Hernandez, Kevin Saxton, SCNF   2nd place - Nell Shamrell-Harrington, PNNF 
3rd place - Bryce Harrop, Kurt Schmucker, PNNF

Dangai Men's Individuals          Yudansha Women's Individuals        Yudansha Men's Individuals
1st place - Josh Sloan, RMNF      1st place - Kei Tsukamaki, PNNF     1st place - Kevin Saxton, SCNF
2nd place - Anthony Bernot, SCNF  2nd place - Katrina Heilman, GNYNF  2nd place - Ellery Engalla, GNYNF
                                  3rd place - Sasha Corchado, GNYNF   3rd place - Gabriel Djinn, ENCF

Women's Team
1st place - GNYNF (N.Sarpeshkar, K.Heilman, S.Corchado)
2nd place - PNNF (K.Shamrell-Harrington, S.Jensen, K.Tsukamaki)
3rd place - SCNF (J.Bernot, S.Lew, C.Mikuni)

Men's Team
1st place - SCNF (R.Ramirez, A.Hong, K.Saxton)
2nd place - NCNF (S.Oshima, C.Goerzen, M.Nobida)
3rd place - PNNF (K.Schmucker, B. Harrop, C.Coppeans)


3RD KYU: Maryanne Amici (KenZen), Axel Anderson (Acton Doshikai), Jim Chandler (ZenBuKan), Jordy Davis (ZenBuKan), Ahmed Gaballa ElSayed (Shidogakuin Miami), Yarel Montalvo (NYC), Erica Mutoh (South Florida), Hiro Mutoh (South Florida), Irfin Rizvic (SenBuKan, Benjamin Sardinas (South Florida), John Scobbie (Cleveland/Tonyukai), Louis Thauvin (KenZen). 2ND KYU: Frank Campione (KenZen), Nathan Gilman (Acton Doshikai), Mark Gottlieb (Shidogakuin NY), Alec Milton (KenZen). 1ST KYU: Ruth Alessi (Summerlin), Jen Browne (ZenBuKan), Chu Jane Hsiao (Shidogakuin NY), James Cody Kroll (Ittoka). 1ST DAN: Anthony Alessi (Summerlin), Pamela Carlson (Dallas/FtWorth), Rodney Castillo (South Florida), Jeffrey Heinze Fry (Seizankai), Yoonhee Macke (Shidogakuin DC), Michael Sareyani (KenZen), Krzysztof Sienkiewicz (Shidogakuin NY), Pedro Sors (South Florida), Patricia Villanueva (TokuBuKan). 2ND DAN: Sean Henderson (Rocky Mtn). 3RD DAN: Charles Howell (Omaha), Elizabeth Pesek (Omaha), Geoffrey Underhill (Princeton), Jocelyn Wright (Shidogakuin DC). 4TH DAN: Jonathan Corum (JSS), Gunnar Goerlitz (Musokai), Aram Kailian (Shidogakuin NY), Kevin Loughlin (ZenKen), Tsuyoshi George Nishiura (Palo Alto). 5TH DAN: Paul Shin (Shidogakuin NY), Cynthia Tanabe (Salinas). RENSHI: Debi Farmer (Shidogakuin NY), Susan Sekreta (KenZen).

AUSKF KENDO KODANSHA SHINSA - July 13, 2014, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma

5TH DAN: Mateo Gapasin (Seattle), Donghun Lee (NY Kenshinkai), Noriyuki Sakuma (Detroit), Garrett Suzaka (Seattle), Joji Takada (Chicago).


Miura Sensei reiterated constantly that the sword of the old Samurai tradition was to take life or satsujinken but the sword of the modern kendoist is to make life or katsujinken. "Just as electrical current can electrocute a person, so also does it make the wheels of industry hum. Just as a razor sharp knife in the hands of a madman can take a life, in the hands of a surgeon, the same knife can save a life." "Kendo is not just stick fighting, Nobuto. The dojo is where you train for your life." Miura Sensei repeated that he hoped we would never have to use to sword to save our lives literally as did the samurais during the feudal period of Japan. I was finally ready to hear what he had said at the very beginning of my training: "The training will forge and temper your spirit and give you life by disciplining your spirit. That is the goal of the modern samurai." Katsujinken is the theme of my practice, but it, too, has been refined, but not completed, even now near the end of my life. --Rod Nobuto Omoto, Autobiography, edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 12. Available as free download at

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