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Kathy E Gill
Department of Communication, MCDM
University of Washington, Seattle
I teach in the Department of Communication, Digital Media Program. I began teaching web-related courses in 1998; from spring 2001 - summer 2003, I taught interface design, web design, and other web courses at Seattle Central Community College.


Publications, Conference Papers

  • podcast icon Podcasting As Active Learning: My 8 minute presentation at NCA, San Antonio, on experimenting with podcasting as a learning tool in COM300, Spring 2006, at the University of Washington.
    Listen ... mp4 @ dotMac, mp3 @ UW
  • "Blogging, RSS and the Information Landscape: A Look At Online News," WWW 2005, Chiba, Japan. (pdf)
  • "The Race of the Web Sites 2004," analysis of Democratic an Republican web sites, in ACM Interactions. 2004. (pdf)
  • "How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere?," WWW 2004, New York. (pdf)
  • "A Tale of Two Web Sites," analysis of Democratic and Republican presidential web sites, in ACM Interactions. 2000. (pdf)
  • "Book Review, The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management", Internetworking, a publication of The Internet Technical Group. 1998.
  • "Demand for Milk in Fast-Food Outlets in Virginia," paper based on thesis selected for presentation at annual meeting, Illinois. American Agricultural Economics Association. 1980.
  • "Design for Usability," paper presented at the sixth annual World Wide Web Consortium meeting, Santa Clara, CA. 1997.
  • "Effective Communication Techniques for Environmental Risk: A Case Study," presented at Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) Environmental Conference, Boston. 1993.
  • "How Small Associations are Using the Internet," accepted for presentation at annual conference, Western Conference of Association Executives. 1996.
  • "Book Review, Net Gain: Expanding Markets Through Virtual Communities," Internetworking, a publication of The Internet Technical Group. March 1999.
  • "Recycled Markets Development in the Northwest: A Model for Industry Involvement," paper presented at The Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) Environmental Conference, Boston. March 1993.
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