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Kathy E Gill
Department of Communication
University of Washington, Seattle
I teach in the Department of Communication, Digital Media Program. I began teaching web-related courses in 1998; from spring 2001 - summer 2003, I taught interface design, web design, and other web courses at Seattle Central Community College.


Personal Experience

Research Interests
As an adjunct, my focus is on teaching. However, my research interests include the study of human-computer interaction in the context of digital media. I am especially interested in social interaction and their enabling technologies -- blogs, podcasts, RSS, social news, wikis, Twitter, Facebook. I am specifically interested in the impact of these technologies on news media and politics.

I'm wrapping up editing a Twitter best practices book, which we expect to release as an ebook in April. The book is based on student work from our Summer 2009 Twitter Class. We think it was the first Twitter class in the country, although there are several examples of Twitter integration into journalism undergrad classes, including mine, before that.

Digital Ecosystem
At WiredPen, I explore the world of convergence; some content is cross-posted at FlipTheMedia. I occasionally write about politics at The Moderate Voice and Newsvine. You can find me on Twitter at @kegill (my primary account) as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.

NCA Podcast
Podcasting As Active Learning: My 8 minute presentation at NCA, San Antonio, on experimenting with podcasting as a learning tool in COM300, Spring 2006, at the University of Washington.

When I'm Not At The Keyboard
My other passion is motorcycles -- I own three, as well as one vintage scooter. I teach newbies how to ride as a contractor with the Evergreen Safety Council and Washington Motorcycle Safety Training; I am a mentor instructor for their Motorcycle Safety Program. In March 2010, I gave an Ignite talk on why everyone should take a motorcycle class!


Spring 2011. The course focuses on the past, present, and future of digital media, in contrast to traditional media outlets studied in most communication programs. Course website.

Fall 2011. This is a hands-on class that examines the framework of social media applications, with the goal of helping digital media communications professionals understand the technologies underlying legacy and emerging Internet applications..
Course website

Winter 2012. Course website.

Spring 2012. Course website

COM597 - Special Projects
Fall 2010, Fall 2012. Digital Democracy. Course website.

Spring 2010. Undergraduate Digital Journalism. Course website.

COM597 - Special Projects
Summer 2010. Developing A Smartphone Application.

Class Archive

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