Korean Alumni Home Coming, July 2003

Eight economics Korean alumni, who were in Seattle to participate in the conference on "Korea and the World Economy, II" co-organized by the Research Center for International Economics (RCIE), visited the department on July 31, 2003. The department welcomed them with a reception party at 5 pm. Their names, year of graduation, names of supervisor and committee members, affiliation, and position are given as follows:

Choi, Soo-Hwan, 1987, masters degree, Lifecord Co., owner
Kim, Chang-Jin, 1989, Charles Nelson, Korea University, professor

Kim, Myung-Jig, 1989, Charles Nelson, Hanyang University, Professor
Kim, Young-Jae, 1993, Stephen Turnovsky, Philip Brock, Kaz Miyagiwa, Pusan National University
Lee, Myung-Hun, 1993, Robert Halvorsen, Gardner Brown, Greg Ellis, Keimyung University, assistant professor
Sohn, Ki-Youn, 1993, Kar-yiu Wong, Keith Leffler, Judith Thornton, University of Incheon, assistant professor
Yeo, Taek-Dong, 1993, Kaz Miyagiwa, Kar-yiu Wong, Yeungnam University
Yoon, Young-Man, 1987, Kar-yiu Wong, University of Incheon, dean/professor


Dongsoo Shin (2001, Jacques Lawarree and Fahad Khalil, Santa Clara University, assistant professor) was visiting the department and attended the party.

The followings are some of the pictures taken at the reception party. Please do not download the pictures without prior approval of RCIE.

Young-Jae Kim, Kar-yiu Wong, and Dick Startz

Stephen Turnovsky, Kate Dunsmore, Carolyn Black, and Young-Jae Kim

Myung-Hun Lee, Ki-Youn Sohn, Neil Bruce, and Myung-Jig Kim

Sung-ho Yun (UW graduate student), Dongsoo Shin, Young Man Yoon, Chang-Jin Kim, and Taek-Dong Yeo

Myung-Jig Kim, ChoonGeun Lee (visitor), Chang-Jin Kim, Neil Bruce, Young-Jae Kim, Kar-yiu Wong, Young Man Yoon, and Ki-Youn Sohn

Chang-Jin Kim, ChoonGeun Lee (visitor), Young-Jae Kim, Neil Bruce, Taek-Dong Yeo, Kar-yiu Wong, Young Man Yoon, SooSuk Sohn (visitor), Ki-Youn Sohn

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