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1. Statistical Data and Country Features

Country Reports by the Library of Congress, U.S.

Penn World Data

Asian Development Bank

Pacific Data Centre, University of British Columbia

US State Department Consular Information Sheets

Political and Economic Risk Reports

2. Country Specific Links

3. Other home pages on the Asian crisis

Asia Point Network

Asia-Pacific Economic Review

Asia Recovery Information Center:  useful site with a lot of updated information

BBC News Online



Nouriel Roubini's Asia Homepage

SHAPS Asian resources (School for Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies)

South China Morning Post Asian crisis section (with breakdown of articles by country)

USIA International Homepage

Yahoo Asian Economic Woes, Yahoo web directory

4. Others

Conferences on economic growth and international trade

Articles from South China Morning Post

Articles from the New York Times

Articles from Seattle Times

Articles from Fortune

University of Washington home page.

Department of Economics, University of Washington home page.

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