Mike Buesseler's art. Check out the "miscellany" too. You also can glimpse some of his art on others' pages:

some pendants

Link to Fred Karpoff's web page and 3-D Piano . My parents had four kids. Just by odds alone, somebody had to have some talent. Fred has developed and launched an exciting new approach to teaching and learning piano, for beginners to maestros.

Puget Sound Community School -

This school is living proof that education can be transformed for the better. It challenges the stereotypes about kids and learning that we accept without thinking: that kids don't like to learn, that they will not assume responsibility for their education, and that we must impose top-down structures upon them to make them learn and behave. Check it out.

Old pictures from a trip up Mt. Rainier:

Chrystell, with Richard at the top (I love this picture), Jon showing Russell proper ice axe technique, and David marveling at Tesha's green hair: here

On top, cool dude and uncool dude, coming down: here

Someone riding a horse.

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