I am an associate professor in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, where I also serve as chair and director of South Asian Studies. My teaching and research in the South Asian Studies and Global Studies programs focus on the politics and political economy of India and South Asia, development studies, and the history of capitalism.

Before joining graduate school, I did a number of odd and not-so-odd jobs, from office assistant at Cincinnati Bell, barista at Biblio’s in NYC, and bartender at Freedom Café in London, to one-time collaborator with director Tony Kaye, and for one lively prom season in Ohio, limousine chauffeur. In my early twenties I briefly aspired to be a professional tabla player. I’m happy to have had all of these experiences, but on most days I’m very grateful to have found my way to a life of research, teaching, and writing, and a position at the University of Washington in Seattle.

You can find a copy of my c.v. here.

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