History of Eugenics

Extra resouces

Washington State

Secondary texts
History of Eugenics across America (links) (Eugenics in California) (Indiana Eugenics symposium)

Daniel Kevles, "Francis Galton, Founder of the Faith" (pdf)

overview of sterilization policies: Phillip Reilly, "Involuntary Sterilization in the US: The Surgical Solution" (pdf)

Dana Seitler, "Unnatural Selection: Mothers, Eugenic Feminism, and Gilman's Regeneration Narratives" (pdf)
Sharon Lamp, "It is for the mother: Feminists' rhetorics of disability during the American eugenics period" (html)
Greta Jones, "Women and Eugenics in Britain" (pdf)

Stephen Jay Gould, "The Hereditarian Theory of IQ" (pdf)
Gould, "A Nation of Morons" (link)
"Who was shut out?" (page about 1924 Immigration Restriction Law)
Lisa Dorr on Virginia Racial Integrity Act (html)
Allison Carey, "Beyond the Medical Model: A Reconsideration of FM, Citizenship, and Eugenic Restrictions" (pdf)
Betsy Nies, "Defending Jeeter: Conservative Arguments against Eugenics in the Depression Era South," in Popular Eugenics, eds. Curell and Codgell, 2006 (pdf)

Robert Rydell, et al., "Nazi Eugenics Exhibit in the US, 1934-43" in Popular Eugenics, eds. Curell and Codgell, 2006 (pdf)
Michael Dorr on teaching eugenics at U of Virginia (pdf)
Leila Zenderland, "Biblical Biology: American Protestant social reforms and the early eugenics movement" (pdf)
Steven Seldon, "Eugenics and the Textbook" (pdf)
Steven Seldon, "Transforming Better Babies into Fitter Families: Archival Sources" (pdf)
Alexandra Stern, "Making Better Babies: Public Health and Race Betterment in Indiana" (pdf)

Martin Pernick, "Birth of a Controversy" in The Black Stork (pdf)
Martin Pernick, "Eugenics on Film" (pdf)

Johanna Schoen, "Fighting for Child Health: Race, Birth Control, and the State in the Jim Crow South" (pdf)
Molly Ladd-Taylor, "Eugenics, Sterilization, and Modern Marriage in the USA: The Strange Career of Paul Popenoe" (pdf)

Garland Allen, "The Role of Experts in Scientific Controversy" (pdf)
Phillip Pauly, "Good Breeding in Modern America" (pdf)
Michael Rembis on expert mental testing and eugenic commitments in Illinois (pdf)
Barbara Kimmelman, "The American Breeders' Association: Genetics and Eugenics in an Agricultural Context, 1903-1913" (pdf)
Ian Dowbiggin, "An Exodus of Enthusiasm: G. Alder Blumer, Eugenics, and US Psychiatry, 1890-1920" (pdf)

Michael Burleigh, "Selling Murder: The Killing Films of the Third Reich" (pdf)
Robert Proctor, "Nazi Doctors, Racial Medicine, and Human Experimentation" (pdf)
Sheila Weiss, "Racial Hygiene Movement in Germany" (pdf large)
Peter Weingart, "German Eugenics between Science and Politics" (pdf)
"Nazi Eugenics Exhibit in the United States, 1934-43" (pdf)

David Mitchell and Sharon Snyder, "The Eugenic Atlantic: race, disability, and the making of international eugenic science" (pdf)
David Pfeiffer, "Eugenics and Disability Discrimination" (pdf)

Primary texts for ESSAY #2 (or research other sources)

Other primary texts
Charles Darwin, Descent of Man conclusion (pdf) (link)
Francis Galton, "Hereditary Talent and Character" (pdf 2Mb)
Francis Galton, "Eugenics: Its Definition, Scope, and Aims" (html)
Galton's writings available on

Karl Pearson, National Life from the Standpoint of Science (link to full text)
Caleb Saleeby, "Racial Poisons--Alcohol" (pdf)

News items
Not about eugenics, but suggests "Herland" may not be entirely improbable: "Female shark reproduced without male DNA" (NY Times, May 22)

"Haunting echoes of eugenics" from disability rights perspective (Washington Post, May 18)

"Mad Nazi dream of racial purity revealed" (PI, May 7)

"Indiana apologies for role in eugenics" (Seattle PI, Apr 13)
"Woman seeking frozen embryo loses case" (Yahoo, Apr 10)

Here's an article about the FDR memorial addition from a Disability Studies scholar, explaining the wheelchair-using depiction and the choice of inscription: FDR's quotation on equality/rights (which represents more a modern DS perspective) vs. Eleanor's quotation on his individual problem requiring "strength" and "courage." Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, "Who Speaks from the Wheelchair?" (Word doc).
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