BIS 393A, W 05
Biology and Society

Lecture Materials

Overheads Jan 5

Lecture notes Jan 5

Overheads Jan 10
Lecture notes Jan 10

Origin of Species quotations Jan 12
Lecture notes (partial) Jan 12
Overheads Jan 12 (Darwin) (pdf)

Overheads Jan 19 (human evolution) (pdf)
Lecture notes Jan 19 (scientists and theologians come to terms with evolution)
Lecture notes Jan 19 (human evolution)

Lecture notes Jan 24 (evolutionary ethics)
Huxley passages from "Evolution and Ethics"
Darwin concluding paragraph of Descent
Darwin on "differences in mental powers of the two sexes" in Descent (pdf)
Craniometry on women's brains and abilities

Feb 9 lecture Scopes trial and William Jennings Bryan
Bryan quotations (overhead)
Darrow quotation (overhead)

Evolution vs Darwinism cartoon (New Yorker, pdf)

Feb 14 Modern creationism (overheads)
Poll results and politics
Poll results intelligent design
Feb 14 Lecture notes on creationism

Feb 16 Lecture notes on scientific racism (IQ, genetics)
Overhead on race/IQ
Feb 23 science and politics of the "gay gene" (pdf pictures, cartoons)
Dean Hamer's study of the Xq28 marker

Feb 23 Lecture notes on the Human Genome Project and critiquing genomics
Feb 23 Overhead

[commercial genetic test from DNAPrint Genomics, "provides you with a simple and objective description of your ancestral origins. The test gives you an estimated percentage of ancestry from the four major historical population groups" = races.]
Violence Initiative quotation [race & crime genes]
Time Magazine cover "The IQ Gene" (Sep 13, 1999)
Time Magazine cover current issue "The Math Myth" (Mar 7, 2005)

Feb 16 Lecture notes on sociobiology
Overheads on sociobiology (pdf)
Darwin on evolution of sex differences (pdf)

Richard Dawkins selfish gene quotation (Word)

Thornhill and Palmer article on evolution of rape (large pdf 1.45M)

"Behavioral Genetics," Human Genome Project Information website

"Genochoice: Create Your Own Genetically Healthy Child Online!"

"Disclaimer Stickers for Science Textbooks" (parody of intelligent design tactic)

CBS News poll on evolution (Nov 2004)
Poll results and politics (Word)
Poll results intelligent design (Word)

Quotation about moral influence of evolution (2002, Word)
[link to source of quotation]

Evolution vs Darwinism cartoon (New Yorker, pdf)

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