University of Washington
Department of Geography
Geography Colloquium Series, Winter 2003
Geography Colloquia meet on Fridays at 2:30 in Smith Hall 304.
The usual format is a brief introduction, a 40-minute presentation, and 15 minutes for questions.  At 3:30, the formal session is followed by informal discussion over refreshments.  Please join us!

10 January "Hybrid capitalism: Chinese Business in a Global Era"  Henry Yeung, National University of Singapore
17 January "Panel discussion:  Graduate Student Funding" Bill Beyers, Joe Hannah, JW Harrington,  Britt Yamamoto, University of Washington
24 January "Care Theory and 'Caring' Systems of Agriculture" Janel Curry, Geography & Environmental Studies, Calvin College
31 January "From the Ground Up:  Toward a Political Ecology of Alternative Food Networks in Puget Sound" Lucy Jarosz, University of Washington 
31 January, CSDE Colloquium, 12:30 in Parrington 308 "Gender and Accessibility in Space-Time: A GIS Approach" Mei-Po Kwan, Geography, Ohio State University
7 February "Locating Globalization:  feminist (re)readings of the subjects and spaces of globalization" Vicky Lawson, University of Washington 
14 February "What's Going On in the 'New Economy' --Impact of the Internet on American Business" Paul Sommers, University of Washington
21 February "Bound for New Orleans I:  Presentations for the Association of American Geographers" Gina Aaf, Chris Fowler, and Matt Sothern, University of Washington
21 February, CSDE Colloquium, 12:30 in Parrington 308 "Work Together, Live Apart: Geographies of Residential and Employment Segregation in Los Angeles" Mark Ellis, University of Washington
28 February "Bound for New Orleans 2:  Presentations for the Association of American Geographers" Dominic Corva, Jonathan Glick, Darrin Magee, University of Washington
7 March AAG annual meeting:  no colloquium
12 March? Lunch talk:  Pier Mudu
14 March "Inventing Exoticism:  The Project of Dutch Geography and the Expansion of the World, circa 1700" Benjamin Schmidt, UW Department of History
19 March, Geog/China Studies, 3:30 in Thompson 317 "The Effect of Migration Restrictions on Urbanization in China"  [paper available, contact] J. Vernon Henderson, Brown University

contact:  Professor JW Harrington
revised 10 February 2003