University of Washington
Department of Geography
Geography Colloquium Series, Winter 2002
Geography Colloquia meet on Fridays at 2:30 in Smith Hall 304.
The usual format is a brief introduction, a 40-minute presentation, and 15 minutes for questions.  At 3:30, the formal session is followed by informal discussion over refreshments.  Please join us!

11 January "The Production of Nature: On Cyborgs, H2O, and Spain's Modernization Process" Erik Swyngedouw, University of Oxford
18 January "Indicators, Indexes, and Sustainability: An Ecological Perspective" James R. Karr, Department of Zoology, University of Washington
25 January "Measuring What Matters:  Charting Progress Toward Sustainability in the Northwest" Clark Williams-Derry, Northwest Environment Watch
1 February "City of Seattle Perspectives on Sustainability" Richard Gelb, Office of Sustainability and Environment, City of Seattle
8 February "Risk and Road Traffic Accidents: Some Geographical Approaches" Stig Jorgensen, University of Trondheim
15 February "How Public Policies Improve Women's Lives" Heidi Hartmann, Institute for Women's Policy Studies and UW Walker-Ames Professor
19 February
(3:30 Tuesday;  Communications 226)
"Globalism and Tolerance in Early Modern Geography" link to paper (protected) Denis Cosgrove, UCLA
22 February "NSF IGERT in Urban Ecology:  Progress and Prospects" coordinatorCraig ZumBrunnen, Department of Geography and Program on the Environment, University of Washington
1 March "Postmaterial Eco-Logics: Consumption, Law, and Globalities" Nayna Jhaveri, Department of Geography, University of Washington
8 March "Urban Region Sustainability: A Faculty Perspective" Bill Beyers, Jonathan Mayer, and Tim Nyerges, Department of Geography, University of Washington
15 March "Graduate-Student Perspectives on Sustainability:  A Panel Discussion" coordinatorJennifer Halfhill, Department of Geography, University of Washington

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