University of Washington
Department of Geography
Geography Colloquium Series, Spring 2003
Geography Colloquia meet on Fridays at 2:30 in Smith Hall 304, unless noted otherwise.
The usual format is a brief introduction, a 40-minute presentation, and 15 minutes for questions.  At 3:30, the formal session is followed by informal discussion over refreshments.  Please join us!

4 April The Discrimination System: The Buck Stops Where? Barbara Reskin, UW Sociology 
11 April For Rent: The Changing Landscapes of the New South African City  Jennifer Foster, UW Geography 
11 April, 4:00 p.m., Smith 105;  for Geography graduate students only Sexual Harassment and Perceived Mistreatment: An Educational Perspective Lois Price-Spratlen, UW Ombudsman, Ombudsman for Sexual Harassment, and Professor of Nursing
18 April Native River: The Columbia Remembered William D. Layman, author
25 April Forecasting the Regional Economy in Times of Uncertainty Dick Conway, Conway & Associates, and Affiliate Professor, Department of Geography
2 May Transportation Planning for Natural Disasters:  An Accessibility Approach Stephanie Chang, UW Geography
9 May
Burke Room, Burke Museum
Securing Ecologies of the U.S.:  Sustainability, Ecopower, and Globalization Nayna Jhaveri, UW Geography
14 May, 7:00 p.m.
Kane Hall 110 
UW Walker-Ames Lecture
The Great Transition to Sustainability: The Promise and the Challenge
Robert Kates, University Professor Emeritus, Brown University
16 May, 12:00 noon
409 Smith Hall
Public and Private Town Founding in 19th Century America:  Nuances and Consequences Michael P. Conzen, Professor of Geography, The University of Chicago
16 May Commentary on 'Humboldt¹s Dream, Beyond Disciplines, and Sustainability Science:  Contested Identities in a Restructuring Academy'  Robert Kates, University Professor Emeritus, Brown University
23 May Telling Stories:  News Media, Health Literacy and Public Policy  Michael Hayes, SFU & Affiliate Prof. 
30 May Health Consequences of the Iraqi War  Jonathan Mayer, UW Geography
6 June:  all day
Geography Collaboratory, 415 Smith
Geography's Undergraduate Symposium Nick Chrisman and Rick Roth, coordinators


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