Policy on writing letters of recommendation:

In general, I accept requests for recommendation letters only when I know I can write a good one. Anything less will not help in your job or graduate/professional school search. The following criteria must be met in order for me to write a good letter:

  1. 1)You have taken (or are taking) at least one course with me

  2. 2)You earned an A- (3.5) or better in the course and/or on major assignments

  3. 3)You give me advance notice of at least three weeks

  4. 4)You waive your right of access to the letter

  5. 5)Highly advisable but not required. You have met with me at least once outside of regular class time (i.e., in office hours).


Please submit requests via email. Include links to all necessary forms and information. Any of the following will also help me write (the more the better): your CV/resume, copies of graded work from my course, copies of essays or other written materials you are submitting with the application, your transcripts, a summary of your reasons for applying and anything particular about the position or program that relates to your career goals. If you are applying to graduate/professional school and have a number of letter requests, please provide a cover sheet with itemized submission instructions (every program is different).