TGH 303 Autumn 2012

Assignments + Due Dates
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Week 1, Sep 24-30: The Problem of Cooperation

Class Sessions

Week 2, Oct 1-7: Social Dilemmas

Read: Hess, Mapping the new commons; Kollock, Social dilemmas: the anatomy of cooperation
Due: Oct 1: Weekly Writings on Readings
Class Sessions

Week 3, Oct 8-14: Tragedies of Commons

Read: Hardin, Tragedy of the commons; Real, The dilemma of drug resistance; Ostrom, Ch 5 from Governing the Commons; Booth et al Ch's 7-9 from The Craft of Research
Due: Oct 8: Weekly Writings on Readings; Term paper check-in 1
Class Sessions

Week 4, Oct 15-21: Benefits of Commons

Read: Ostrom, Ch 3 from Governing the Commons; Berkes, The benefits of commons
Due: Oct 15: Weekly Writings on Readings; Oct 17: Term paper version 1
Class Sessions

Week 5, Oct 22-28: Institutional Analysis

Read: Ostrom: Ch 2 from Rules, Games, and CPR's
Due: Oct 22: Weekly Writings on Readings; Term paper check-in 2
Class Sessions

Week 6, Oct 29-Nov 2: Reciprocity, trust, and altruism

Read: Ostrom: A behavioral approach ... ; Fehr, The nature of human altruism
Due: Oct 29: Weekly Writings on Readings; Term paper check-in 3
Class Sessions

Week 7, Nov 5-11: Cooperation without trust

Read: Cook et al, Cooperation without trust; Booth et al, Introductions and Conclusions
Due: Nov 5: Weekly Writings on Readings; Term paper check-in 4
Class Sessions

Week 8, Nov 12-18: Reviewing and consolidating

Veteran's Day Nov 12 (no class session)
Read: No Reading
Due: Nov 14: Term paper version 2
Class Sessions

Week 9, Nov 19-25: Term paper reviews

Due: Nov 19: Term paper reviews
Class Sessions

Week 10, Nov 26-Dec 2: Looking backward and forward

Read: Ostrom: My long polycentric journey
Due: Nov 26: Weekly Writings on Readings; Nov 28: Term paper version 3
Class Sessions

Week 11, Dec 3-7: Term paper presentations

Due: Dec 3: Term paper presentation
Class Sessions