TCSS 452/552 W' 2013

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Quarter at-a-glance
Grading Spreadsheet


Week 1, Jan 7-13: Interaction Design

Read: Moggridge, People and Prototypes; Beyer, Principles of Contextual Inquiry
Class Sessions

Week 2, Jan 14-20: User Inquiry

Read: Lofland, Getting In; Preece, Data Gathering; Dorst, The story; Kuniavsky, User Profiles
Due: Jan 15: Technology use & breakdown
Class Sessions

Week 3, Jan 21-27: Making sense of data

Read: Jenson, The simplicity shift (pp50-72); Preece, Simple Qualitative Analysis;
Due: Jan 22: Weekly group report and Check-in 1
Class Sessions

Week 4, Jan 28-Feb 3: Simplicity & Sketching

Read: Buxton, The anatomy of sketching; 37 Signals, Chapters 4&5 from Getting Real
Due: Jan 29: Weekly group report, Check-in 2
Class Sessions

Week 5, Feb 4-10: Interface Design & Usability studies

Read: Saffer, Interface Design Basics; Tidwell, Designing Interfaces; Warfel, Paper and other analog methods
Due: Feb 5: Weekly group report, Deliverable 1, and Group Member Evaluation
Class Sessions

Week 6, Feb 11-17: Executable prototypes

Read: Warfel, HTML; Warfel, Powerpoint & Keynote; Buxton, Wizard of Oz; Krug, Ch's 9-11 from DMMT 1st edition.
Due: Feb 12: Weekly group report and Check-in 3; Feb 12: 552 only, Orienting
Class Sessions

Week 7, Feb 18-24: Envisionment videos

Read: Norman, Psychopathology of everyday things; Buxton, Envisionment videos.
Due: Feb 19: Weekly group report; Check-in 4
Class Sessions

Week 8, Feb 25-Mar 3: Human-machine symbiosis

Read: Clark, Natural-born cyborgs; Brown, Design activism
Due: Feb 26: Weekly group report, Deliverable 2, and Group member evaluation; Feb 28: 552 only, Run-through
Class Sessions

Week 9, Mar 4-10: Wrap-up & Grad student presentations

Due: Mar 5: Weekly group report, Check-in 5; Mar 7: 552 only, Presentation
Class Sessions

Week 10, Mar 11-15: Project Presentations

Due: Mar 12: Weekly group report, Deliverable 3
Class Sessions