TCSS 360 F' 2012

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Week 1, Sep 24-30: Software Lifecycle Models

Class Sessions

Week 2, Oct 1-7: User Stories

Read: Ambler, Introduction to User Stories
Due: Oct 1: User Stories Homework
Class Sessions

Week 3, Oct 8-14: Validating requirements

Read: Rettig, Prototyping for Tiny Fingers
Due: Oct 8: Weekly group report and Check-in 1
Class Sessions

Week 4, Oct 15-21: Object Oriented Design

Due: Oct 15: Weekly group report, Requirements Deliverable, and Group Member Evaluation
Class Sessions

Week 5, Oct 22-28: UML Class Diagrams

Read: Fowler, Class diagrams: the essentials; Winston, How to use model-view
Due: Oct 22: Weekly group report, Check-in 2
Class Sessions

Week 6, Oct 29-Nov 2: UML Sequence Diagrams

Read: Fowler, Interaction diagrams; Riel, Topologies of Action Oriented ...
Due: Oct 29: Weekly group report and Check-in 3; Oct 31: Reading Analysis on OO Heuristics
Class Sessions

Week 7, Nov 5-11: Design Patterns and Version Control

Due: Nov 5: Weekly group report; Nov 7: Design Deliverable and Group Member Evaluation
Class Sessions

Week 8, Nov 12-18: Unit Testing

Veteran's Day Nov 12 (no class session)
Read: Beck, Test Infected
Due: Nov 14: Weekly group report
Class Sessions

Week 9, Nov 19-25: Software Testing

Read: Fowler, Continuous Integration
Due: Nov 19: Weekly group report, Check-in 4, and Reading Index Table
Class Sessions

Week 10, Nov 26-Dec 2: Software lifecycle models

Read: No Silver Bullet
Due: Nov 26: Weekly group report, Check-in 5
Class Sessions

Week 11, Dec 3-7: Code demo's & Project retrospectives

Due: Dec 3: Weekly group report, Code/Test Deliverable, and Group Member Evaluation
Class Sessions