The E-Government Reference Library

Criteria for inclusion in the EGRL

At minimum a paper or article must:

  1. Have passed an academic peer review process
  2. Be published in the proceedings of an academic conference or in an academic journal
  3. Be published in English (or, if published in another language, an English-language translation must be publicly available)
  4. Be of at least seven pages (or equivalently, 3,700 words) in length (including references) for a non-technical article
  5. Be of at least four pages (2,250 words) in length (including references) for a technical article

Search Terms

  • cloud computing for e-government
  • crisis disaster and catastrophe
  • cyber crime detection and prevention
  • cybersecurity and government
  • digital democracy
  • digital divide
  • digital government
  • e-campaigning (electronic campaigning)
  • e-democracy (electronic ~)
  • e-Governance (electronic ~)
  • e-Government (electronic~)
  • e-inclusion (electronic~)
  • e-participation (electronic~)
  • e-politics
  • e-rulemaking (electronic~)
  • e-Services in government (electronic~)
  • e-voting (electronic~)
  • homeland security
  • infrastructure and government
  • insider threats and government
  • "internet of things" and government
  • interoperability and government
  • IS (information systems)
  • IT (information technology) governance
  • IT or ICT (information and technology; information communication technology) or IS in government or public administration or public sector
  • mobile and government
  • open government
  • open data and/or big data for e-government
  • participation and government
  • PMIS (Public Management Information Systems)
  • response and recovery management
  • security and government
  • smart governance
  • smart government
  • smart city government
  • social media and government
  • social networking and government
  • transformation and government
  • transparency and government

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