J. Robert Waaland is Professor Emeritus in the Biology Department.  He earned his Ph.D. in Botany from the University of California at Berkeley in 1969 and joined the faculty of the Botany Department of the University of Washington the same year. When the Botany and Zoology Departments merged to become the Biology Department, he became a member of the Biology Department.  He also studied marine algae at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University and the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole. He has also participated in the instructional program at the Friday Harbor Laboratories.


His research interests and that of his students have focussed on various aspects of the biology of the algae with an emphasis on seaweeds. Many of the seaweeds that have been investigated are utilized by humans as well as being intrinsically interesting organisms. These include certain red seaweeds (especially Mazzaella [formerly Iridaea] and Chondracanthus (formerly Gigartina) that produce carrageenans (note that much carrageenan now comes from aquacultured Eucheuma and Kappaphycus, mostly from the Philippines), polymers that find many uses for their gelling and viscosity regulating properties. More recently the biology and systematics of several species of Porphyra was investigated. The edible product "nori" is made from certain species of Porphyra, and there are nearly two dozen species of this seaweed in the Pacific Northwest. Investigations of the physiology, reproductive biology and ecology of these seaweeds were conducted to provide the foundation for their aquaculture. In addition, Dr. Waaland has interests in the cell biology of algae and these have ranged from ultrastructural to developmental studies.

Recent and current studies  have included the biology of eelgrass (a kind of seagrass) meadows (Nelson & Waaland 1997), the systematics and phylogeny of certain seaweeds (e.g., the Bangiaceae [Stiller & Waaland 1996, 1993] and Ceramicaceae (Carlile, Cho & Waaland 2010) in the red algae,  and the Ulvaceae in the green algae (Hayden & Waaland 2004, Hayden et al. 20##).

Some Recent Publications:

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Some Less Recent Publications:

Waaland, J.R. & D. Branton. 1969. Gas vacuole development in a blue-green alga. Science 163:1339-1341.

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Public/Professional Service:

Phycological Society of America, Vice-President 1989-90, President 1990-91 Endowment Funds Manager (1995-2004), Member of Board of Trustees and Executive Committee (1990-1993, 1995-2004)

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