Dissertations Underway and Recently Completed Dissertations (since 1994) on Architectural History

Compiled by Julie Nicoletta [jn@u.washington.edu]
The following list has been assembled from a number of sources, including the Art Bulletin's list of dissertations in progress, and by word-of-mouth. The dissertations listed below cover topics including and related to architectural history, such as urbanism, landscape studies, and interior design. This list is by no means complete--additions and corrections are welcome. Dissertations that have been completed since 1994 are at the end of this list.

As of March 1, 2008, I will no longer be maintaining this list.  If you are interested in taking over this list, you may reach me at the email address above.

Abend-David, Ilana, State University of New York at Binghamton, "The Heribert Shrine."

Ajello, Guendalina, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Rione Parione: The Afterlife of an Ancient Roman Cluster of Spectator Buildings."

Aksamija, Nadja, Princeton University, "The Villa in the Life of Sixteenth-Century Ragusan Patricate."

Al Tal, Raed, State University of New York at Binghamton, "Structures of Authority: A Political Account of Architectural and Urban Programs in Jordan (1970-1999)."

Allais, Lucia, Massachusetts of Technology, "Will to War, Will to Art: The Architectural Ethics and Aesthetics of Cultural Internationalism, 1932-1960."

Allan, Ken, University of Chicago, "Making the Scene: Artistic Identity, Urban Space, and Popular Culture in 1960s Los Angeles."

Allison, Lara, Columbia University, "The Bauhaus in Chicago, 1937-1955."

Álvarez-González, Manuel Fernando, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  "From Syndicalism to Imperialism: José Luis Sert and His Master Plans for Barcelona (1931-34) and Havana (1956-58)."

Anderson, Eric, Columbia University, "The Design Theory of Jacob van Falke: Historicism and Cultural Transformation in Ringstrasse Vienna."

Anderson, Paul A., University of California at Santa Barbara, "Roman Wooden Church Ceilings of the Renaissance."

Anderson, Sean, University of California at Los Angeles, "In-Visible Colonies: Modern Architecture and Its Representation in Colonial Eritrea, 1890-1941."

Andre, Laura, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Strange Territories: Space-Age Frontiers in American Art and Architecture of the 1960s."

Andrianou, Dimitra, Bryn Mawr, "Domestic Space in Greek Antiquity."

Arioli, Kristin, University of Southern California, "Cardinal Raffaele Riario and the Politics of Cultural Patronage in Renaissance Rome (1477-1521)."

Atwell, Adrienne, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Corporate Architecture in Trecento Florence: The Guild Hall of the Arte della Lana."

Austin, Nancy, Brown University, "New Brutalism and the Artisanal Architect, 1945-1970."

Badawi, Sherine, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Transposition and Transformation: The Interconnection between Tomb Chapel and Coffin in Middle Kingdom Egypt."

Badgett, Amanda, Columbia University, "Gothic Revival Churches in the Antebellum South."

Baghdady, Omar, University of Michigan, “Creating The Canon: A Critical History Of Modern Architecture In Egypt Between 1930-1960”.

Baker, Jill L., Brown University, "The Middle and Late Bronze Age Tomb Complex at Ashkelon: Its Architecture and the Funeral Kit."

Ball, Jeffrey L., University of Missouri at Columbia, "Progressive Era Missouri and the New State Capitol."

Barrett, Catherine, University of Washington, "Cordes and the Intersections of Identity." [kitzen@u.washington.edu]

Barrett, Marguerite, Rutgers University, "The Origin, Character, and Probable Function of Norwegian Stave-Church Decoration."

Barteet, Cody, State University of New York at Binghamton, "Colonial Contradictions in the Casa de Montejo and Merida: Space, Society, and Self-Representation at the Edge of Viceregal Mexico."

Bassnett, Sarah, State University of New York at Binghamton, "Representing the Urban 'Real': Instrumental Discourse and City Planning in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Toronto and Montreal."

Batuman, Bulent, State University of New York at Binghamton, "Spaces of Counter-Hegemony: Turkish Architects and Planners as Political Agents in the 1970s."

Bauman, Johanna Elizabeth, University of Virginia, "Piero de Crescenzi's Liber ruralium commodorum: Agriculture, Pleasure Gardens, and Social Context."

Baweja, Vandana, University of Michigan, "Otto Koenigsberger: Tropical Architect From Princely Mysore to Post-Colonial London".

Bechtel, Alison, University of Pennsylvania, "Public/Private, Private/Public: Millionaires' Mansions and Cycles of Need in Late Nineteenth-Century America."

Bills, Emily, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Communications Systems and the Shaping of Urban Form in the Twentieth Century: The L.A. Example."

Blackburn, Marcia, State University of New York at Binghamton, "A Social Architectonics of Science Fiction Film Design."

Blokker, Johanna, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Kirchen in Trummern: World War II and the Reconstruction of the Church in Cologne, 1945-1963."

Borum, Kathy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "The Perception of Renaissance Architectural History at the Rise of Modernism: Great Britain, 1880-1940."

Bowes, Kimberly, Princeton University, "Christianity in the Private Sphere: Private Chapels, Villa-Churches, and Domestic Piety in Late Antiquity."

Brooks-Shirey, Heather, Indiana University-Bloomington, "Divine Spaces: Candomblé Art in Terreiros and the Streets, Salvador, Brazil."

Brown, Marisa Angell, Yale University, "Imagined Communities: The Architecture and Image of Public Housing in America (1934-1974)."

Bryan, James E., III, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Historic Dolls' Houses as Material Culture."

Busbea, Lawrence, City University of New York, "Spatial Urbanism, 1950-1965."

Bush, Olga, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "The Alhambra and Nasrid Fortifications."

Canning, Jonathan P., Columbia University, "The Stone-Cage Chantry Chapel and the Architecture of Perpetual Commemoration in Late Medieval England."

Carpenter, Lisa, University of Louisville, "Roadside Architecture of Kentucky, 1920-1960."

Casid, Jill, Harvard University, "Sowing Empire: Landscape and Colonization in the Eighteenth Century."

Castillo, Greg, University of California at Berkeley, "Building Stalin's Germany: Ideology, Identity, and Reconstruction in the German Democratic Republic, 1946-1954." [gregcastillo@yahoo.com]

Çelik, Zeynep, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "The Kinaesthetic Impulse: Space, Performance and the Body in German Architecture, 1880-1914."

Ciresi, Lisa Victoria, Rutgers University, "Church-Shaped Shrines of the Rhineland: Iconography and Ideology."

Cody, Madeleine, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "The Old Kingdom Cemetery at Mendes: Reflections of an Egyptian Community in the Eastern Delta?"

Coffman, Peter, Quenn's University, Kingston, "Gothic Revival Architecture in Atlantic Canada."

Cooperman, Emily T., University of Pennsylvania, "'The Habit of Rural Retirement': National Identity in William Birch's Country Seats of the United States." [etcooper@sas.upenn.edu]

Costa, Patrizia, University of Pittsburgh, "Leonardo da Vinci's Sala delle Asse in the Sforza Castle in Milan."

Costanzo, Denise, Pennsylvania State University, "The Lessons of Rome: Architects at the American Academy, 1947-1966."

Cro, Robert J. W., Princeton University, "The Forum Romanum in Late Antiquity: A.D. 330-630."

Davidson, Naomi, University of Chicago, "La Mosquée de Paris and the Creation of French Islam, 1917-1982."

Davis, Blair Hixson, University of California at Santa Barbara, "The Drawings of Charles Percier."

Deming, M. Elen, Harvard University, "Wish Landscapes and Garden Cities: The Uses of Landscape Allegory in English Reform Movements, 1884 to 1918." [medeming@mailbox.syr.edu]

Dillon, Jennifer, Duke University, "Modernity, Sanitation, and the Public Bath: Berlin, 1896-1933, as Archetype."

Donhauser, Peter L., Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "New York's Broadway Theaters, 1893-1930: Architecture, Urbanism, and the Culture of Amusement."

Dow, Douglas, Pennsylvania State University, "Confraternal Piety and Corporate Patronage: The Art and Oratory of the Compagnia di San Giovanni Battista dello Scalzo, Florence."

Dowling, Dale, George Washington University, "For God, For Country, For Family: Colonial Revival Churches in the Cold War."

Dubin, Nina, University of California at Berkeley, "The Monument in Ruins: Hubert Robert, Paris Urbanism, and the Crisis of Revolutionary France."

Eggebeen, Janna, City University of New York, "The American Air Passenger Terminal and Modernity."

Eggler-Gerozissis, Marianne, City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center, "A decorator in the best sense:" Mies van der Rohe and the articulation of the German modernist interior."

Eimen, Alisa, University of Minnesota, "Architecture of Reform and Revolution: Tehran and the Twentieth Century."

Ekici, Didem, University of Michigan, "Creating the “New Man”: The Modern Architecture and Life Reform Movement in Hellerau Garden City ".

El Amrousi, Mohamed, University of California at Los Angeles, "Colonialism and Islamic Cities: 17th-20th Centuries."

Elleh, Nnamdi, Northwestern University, "Architecture and Nationalism at Abjua, Nigeria: A Study of the Ideologies of 'Federal Character.'"

Elliott, Therese Martin, University of Pittsburgh, "The Royal Church of San Isidoro of León: An Architectural History."

Epstein, Clarence, The University of Edinburgh, "Church Architecture in Montreal during the British-Colonial Period, 1760-1860."  [clarence@caad.ed.ac.uk]

Erdim, Burak, University of Virginia, "The Inception and Cultural Impact of the Middle East Technical University within the Context of Cold War Politics from 1950-1964."

Faletti, Rina Cathleen, University of Texas at Austin, "Water, Architecture and Landscape in California and the American West."

Farhat, May, Harvard University, "Displaying Piety: The Shrine of Imam Ali Al-Rida in Mashhad under the Safavids."

Fedders, Kristin U., University of Pennsylvania, "Pop Art in Public Space, 1954-1965." [kfedders@worldnet.att.net]

Feng, Jiren, Brown University, "Imperial Song Architecture: Treatises, Buildings, Literature, and Art."

Fernandez, Henry Dietrich, Cambridge University, "Bramante's Architectural Legacy in the Vatican Palace."

Flentye, Laurel, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "The Decorated Elite Mastaba and Rock-cut Tomb in the Eastern and GIS Cemeteries at Giza and Their Relationship to the Development of Art during the Fourth Dynasty."

Floyd, Cheryl R., Temple University, "The Plateia Building at Pseira: Evidence for Regional Style, Social Stratification, and the LMIB Domestic Economy."

Fredericksen, Andrea, University of California at Los Angeles, "Uses of the Past: The Houses of Parliament and the Construction of Identity."

Frohne, Andrea, State University of New York at Binghamton, "The African Burial Ground in New York City: Manifesting and Representing Spirituality of Space."

Fugate, Susan, University of Louisville, "A Tomb Fit for a Princeps: The Mausoleum of Augustus, Its Typology and History."

Gantt, Richard, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Urbanism and Architecture in Early Modern London: The Act of 1711 to Build Fifty New Churches."

Gee, Regina, University of Texas at Austin, "The Vatican Necropolis: Ritual, Status, and Social Identity in the Roman House Tomb."

Gittings, Elizabeth, Harvard University, "The Ideology and Aesthetics of Architecture in the Early Christian Mosaics of the Rotunda in Thessaloniki."

Gobran Sophie, Columbia University, "The First Dresden Hoftheater (1835-41): Gottfried Semper and Theater Architecture in Vormärz Germany."

Goldfus, Haim, Princeton University, "Tombs and Burials in Churches and Monasteries of Byzantine Palestine 324-628 A.D."

Gollannek, Eric, University of Delaware, "Colonial Exchange and Visions of Empire in Britain and Its Colonies."

Gorman, Carma, University of California at Berkeley, "The Conceptual Limits of Architecture: Domestic Space and Interior Design in the U.S., 1890-1930."

Grevstad-Nordbrock, Anne, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Ilse Bing in Frankfurt and Paris: Interwar Photography of Modern Architecture and the City."

Grossman, Max Elijah, Columbia University, "Architecture and Ideology in the Sienese Contado from the Age of Frederick II to the Fall of the Nine."

Gyure, Dale Allen, University of Virginia, "The Transformation of the Schoolhouse: American School Architecture and Educational Reform, 1890-1930."

Hamilton, Jeffery, University of Delaware, "Adapting the City to Meet Rural Desires: The English Urban Landscape as Surrogate Country House."

Hargrove, James B., University of Pennsylvania, "Serious Pleasures: The Impact of Interior and Ornamental Sculpture upon French Aesthetics, 1850-1900."

Haughey, Patrick, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "The Presidential Library: Archive, Afterlife and the National Imagination."

Henderson, Amy, University of Delaware, "Furnishing the Republican Court: Building and Decorating Philadelphia Homes, 1790-1800."

Henthorn, Cynthia, City University of New York, "The Push-Button Miracle: The Military Invades the Postwar Home (The Politics of Design and Domestic Space)."

Higgs, Jamie, University of Louisville, "Visigothic Architecture: Its Distinctive Style and Influence."

Holst, Nancy A., University of Delaware, "A Wise Woman Buildeth Her Home."

Hsu, Eileen Hsiang-Ling, Columbia University, "The 6th-Century Buddhist Caves at Anyary: Daliu Shengku, Xiaonanhai Shiku, and Dazhu Shengku."

Hufbauer, Benjamin, University of California at Santa Barbara, "The Father in the Temple: Memory and Masculinity in Presidential Libraries."

Humer, Colleen, University of Toronto, "Adolf Loos: A Modern House for the Suburbs."

Hunting, Mary Anne, City University of New York, "Edward Durell Stone: Perception and Criticism."

Jacobs, Jamie, The George Washington University, "'You Can't Dream Yourself a House': The Evolving Postwar House and Its Place Within a Renewed Consumer World, 1945-1970."

James, Stephen B., University of Virginia,  "Louis Kahn in India: Negotiating an Iconography of Memory."

Jung, Jacqueline, Columbia University, "Screens, Sculpture, and the Formation of Social Space at Naumburg Cathedral."

Kakar, Shalini, University of California at Santa Barbara, "Fashioning the Divine: Bollywood Stars, Museum Temples and Cultural Politics in Contemporary India."

Katz, Ariela, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "The Maison du Peuple:  Modernity and Working-Class Identity in French Architecture and Urbanism, 1914-1940."

Kaukas Havenhand, Lucinda, Virginia Commonwealth University, "Creating a Modern Gesamtkunstwerk: Interior Design 1930-1960."

Kavuri-Bauer, Santhi, University of California at Los Angeles, "From Picturesque Ruin to World Heritage Site: The History of Fatehpur Sikri as a Modern Indian Shrine."

Keen, Ann, Rutgers University, "Redefining Modernism: Monumentality and Expressionism in Architecture of the Olympic Summer Games, 1960-1976."

Keller, William Bradford, University of Delaware, "Urban Architecture for Community and Spectacle: The Roofed Arena in the United States, 1890-1968." [wkeller@pobox.upenn.edu]

Kennedy, Matthew Heath, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Terminal City: Urbanism and the Construction of Grand Central Terminal."

Kidd, Stephen, George Washington University, "Defining a Better Philadelphia: Class, Culture, and Decentralizing the Urban Landscape after World War II."

Kiese, Dara, City University of New York, "Public Reception of the Dessau Bauhaus, 1925-1932."

Kim, Grace E., University of Washington, "Adalberto Libera's Unita di abitazione orizzontali: Modernization in Housing Typology."

Klahr, Douglas, Brown University, "The Architectural Patronage of Wilhelm II: Issues of Urban, Dynastic, and National Identity within the Work of Hofarchitekt Ernst von Ihne."

Klee, Jeffrey, University of Delaware, "The Five Orders of Beacon Hill."

Knight, Cher Krauss, Temple University, "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Disney World in Its Multifarious Contexts."

Koll, Ann, City University of New York, "The Synthesis of the Arts: Le Corbusier's Pavillions and the Re-humanization of Architecture."

Koval, Lindsay M., Columbia University, "Architectural Patronage and Liberal Religion at New York's Riverside Church." 

Krause, Cher, Temple University, "'The Stuff that Dreams are Made of?': Disney World in Its Multifarious Contexts."

Krieg, Annie, University of Pittsburgh, "In the Service of the Nation: Medieval and Neo-Medieval Architecture in the Contested Terrain of Breslau/Wroclaw, 1860-1960."

Kully, Deborah, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Morality, Architecture, and the French Interior (1860-1890)."

Lavasani, Noushin, University of California at Los Angeles, "Tehran and Istanbul: Architecture and Urbanism as Forms of Tutelage and Conveyors of National Identity."

Leone, Stephanie, Rutgers University, "The Palazzo Pamphilj in the Piazza Navona, Rome (1470-1655): Urban Context, Architecture, Function, and Patronage."

Lew, Stefanie, Princeton University, "Private Space and Public Display in Renaissance Venice."

Lieber, Jeffrey, University of Michigan, "Waging Total Peace: Architecture and Aesthetics circa 1958-1963."

Lindenfeldar, Maria F. A. "Denise Scott Brown, Sociology and Design," University of Pennsylvania. [alim@sas.upenn.edu]

Locke, Alison, Yale University, "Visuality and Experience in the Twelfth-Century Church of Castel Sant'Elia near Nepi."

López-Durán, Fabiola, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Eugenics in the Garden: Medicine, Architecture and Landscape from France to Latin American in the Early Twentieth Century."

Lovette, Celeste, Columbia University, "Travels and Traversals in Hellenistic Architecture."

Luce, Kristina, University of Michigan, "Revolutions in Parallel: The Rise and Fall of Drawing within Architectural Design.”

Lucey, Stephen, Rutgers University, "The Church of Santa Maria Antigua, Rome: Defining the Contexts."

Luttrull, Mary Parke, Florida State University, "Rosedown, 1835-2002: A Louisiana Plantation."

Luyster, Amanda, Harvard University, "Text, Image, Context: Representations of Tristan and Isolde in Medieval Architecture."

Magleby, Mark, Ohio State University, "Traversing the World: The Legacy of the English Landscape Garden in Utopian Modernism."

Mahde, Fatima, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Building Monreale Cathedral."

Manson, Andrew, Columbia University, "Architecture, Archaeology, and Urbanism in 'La Grande Roma': The Via dell'Impero and the Palazzo del Littorio Competition."

Maranci, Christina, Princeton University, "The Historiography of Armenian Architecture: Josef Strzygowski and His Legacy."

Marcus, Elizabeth, City University of New York, "Consuming Interests: The American Home of the 1930s."

Marina, Areli, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "The Urbanistic Transformation of Parma in the Time of the Commune, 1149-1347."

Marinis, Vassileios, University of Illinois at Chicago, "The Monastery Tou Libos: Architecture, Liturgical Planning, and Urbanism in Middle and Late Byzantine Constantinople."

Marlowe, Elizabeth, Columbia University, "Sybolic Captial: Constantine's Rome."

Marshall, Jessica, Columbia University, "Architecture and Popular Religion: French Pilgrimage Churches of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries."

Maulsby, Lucy, Columbia University, "Architecture and Urbanism in Fascist Italy: Milan 1926-40."

McAtee, Cammie, Harvard University, "Form and Formalism in American Architecture in the 1950s and '60s."

McCarthy, Heather, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Queenship, Cosmography, and Regeneration: The Decorative Programs and Architecture of Ramesside Royal Women's Tombs."

McDonald, Terry, State University of New York at Binghamton, "Trondheim Cathedral: Nationalist Praxis and Medievalism in Norway."

McDowell, Eddie-Sue, University of Louisville, "Designed for Speed: W. S. Arrasmith's Streamlined Moderne Greyhound Bus Terminals."

McGettigan, Mary R., University of California at Berkeley, "The Space of Athens: Finding One's Place in the 'Polis.'"

McHenry, Bannon, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "James Renwick, Jr. and the Revival of Medieval and Renaissance Styles in American Architecture: 1840-65."

McKiernan Gonzalez, Eileen, University of Texas at Austin, "Monastery and Monarchy: The Foundation and Patronage of Santa Maria la Real de las Huelgas and Santa Maria la Real de Sigena."

McNamara, Denis R., University of Virginia, "Modern and Medieval: American Church Architecture, 1920-1945."

Meadows, B. Ted, University of Kansas, "Monuments and Memory: Three American World War I Memorials in Context."

Mekinda, Jonathan, University of Pennsylvania, "Reconstruction and Revolution: The Re-Invention of Modernism in Milan, 1945-1955."

Menefee, Ellen, University of Delaware, "Live the Dream: The Rhetoric of the Furnished Model Home in Late Twentieth- and Early Twenty-First-Century America."

Michailidis, Melanie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Landmarks of the Persian Renaissance: Monumental Funerary Architecture in Iran and Central Asia, 10-11th Centuries."

Milla Bernad, Martina, Emory University, "Student Housing á la brésilienne? Le Corbusier, Lúcio Costa, and the Maison du Brésil at the Cité Universitaire in Paris."

Milnarik, Elizabeth, University of Virginia, "The Publicly Funded American Dream, America's Inital, Direct Build Public Housing Program, 1933-1937."  [eam3m@virginia.edu]

Mims, Martina, Columbia University, "August Endell's Exploration of the Relationship of the Modern Observer and Form."

Minsky, Diana H., Columbia University, "The Baths of Diocletian: Responses to a Ruin."

Mochizuki, Mia M., Yale University, "The Haarlem St. Bavo Church and the Image of Worship in 17th-Century Holland."

Mohr, Paula A., University of Virginia, "Displays of Nature and Art: The Architecture of Central Park, 1858-1880." [pam3v@virginia.edu]

Monroe, Elizabeth, University of Southern California, "Synagoga as Christian Discourse 1007-1215."

Moylan, Valerie, City University of New York, "A Citadel behind the Walls: The House of the Amateur in Late Nineteenth-Century France."

Mulder, Karen L., University of Virginia, "New Rationales for Neues Glas: Architectonic Considerations in Postwar German Glass Installations."

Muzaffar, M. Ijlal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "The Periphery Within: Modern Architecture and the Making of the Third World."

Myers, Tracy, University of Delaware, "Modern Architecture for Education in the Post-War Era: Public School Buildings by the Architects Collaborative (TAC) and the Development of American Modernism, 1946-1995."

Nieman, Richard J., University of Virginia, "Monuments to God and Man: The Local Churches of Cruciform Plan in Anglo-Norman Sussex and the New Norman Aristocracy." [rjn3k@virginia.edu]

Nilsen, Micheline, University of Delaware, "The 'Other Side of the Tracks': The Implantation of the Railroads in Western European Cities."

Nowicki, Susan, City University of New York, "Montclair, New Jersey: The Development of a Suburban Town and Its Architecture."

O'Brien, James, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Reification or Revolution? Towards the Aesthetics of Capital Realism."

O'Rourke, Kathryn E., University of Pennsylvania, "Architecture and Nationalism in Revolutionary Mexico."

Olgren-Leblond, Kelli, University of Southern California, "Reading Expressionist Architecture: The German Avant-Garde and 'Paper Architecture,' 1914-1924."

Oryshkevich, Irina, Columbia University, "A History of the Roman Catacombs from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance."

Osayimwese, Itohan, University of Michigan, "Colonialism at the Center: German Colonial Architecture and the Design Reform Movement, 1828-1914."

Osman, Michael, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Regulation in the Architecture of American Modernism, 1890-1920."

Pagalos, Panayiotis, University Of Patras (Greece), "The Presence of Time in the Contemporary Architecture: Technical and Poetic Time. The Case of Aldo Rossi."

Parker, Timothy, University of Texas at Austin, "The Modern Church in Rome:  Architecture, Theology, and Community, 1945-80."

Parnell, Traci, Rutgers University, "Gilding the Black Box: Showmanship and Revivalism in 1920s American Movie Palace Architecture."

Passanti, Francesco, Columbia University, "Le Corbusier at the Salon d'Automne of 1922."

Patel, Alka, Harvard University, "The 'Sultanate' Architecture of Gujarat: A Case Study in Scholarship on Islam in India."

Penick, Monica, University of Texas at Austin, "The Forgotten Generation: House Beautiful's Pace Setter House Program and the Popularization of Organic Modernism in Postwar America, 1945-1965."

Perdue, Martin C., University of Virginia,"Building with Bark, Logs, and Sticks: Rustic Wooden Architecture in the United States, 1830-1916."

Phillips, Pamela, Rutgers University, "The Chiostro dei Voti of SS. Annunziata in Florence."

Phillips, Ruth Anne, City University of New York, "Pre-Columbian Appropriation: Ancient American Influence in U.S. Architecture, 1910-1940."

Pilat, Stephanie, University of Michigan, "Re-imagining Italy: The Ina-Casa Neighborhoods of the Postwar Era."

Pillai, Harimohan, I.I.T. Kharagpur, "Identifying and Establishing Linkages and Deviations from Traditional to Modern Architectural Design Detailing." [pillaisir@yahoo.com]

Pope, Elizabeth, University of Texas at Austin, "Mythologically Significant Structures among the Aztec, Maya, and Mixtec: The Manifestation of Sacred Space and Time."

Prescher, Amy M., Yale University, "Saxon Convent Architecture: The Diocese of Halberstadt in the High Middle Ages."

Proctor, Robert, Cambridge University (UK), "Producing Architecture Producing Consumption: Department Stores in Late-Nineteenth-Century Paris." [rp236@hermes.cam.ac.uk]

Pugh, Emily, City University of New York, "The Berlin Wall and the Urban Space and Experience of East and West Berlin, 1961-1989."

Rafii, Keyvan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Public Images and Civic Pride: Town Halls in Germany, 1300-1600."

Redensek, Jeanette, City University of New York, "Manufacturing Gemeinschaft: Architecture, Tradition, and the Sociology of Community in Germany, 1890-1920."

Rein, Michelle A., University of Pennsylvania, "Visual Expressions of Baraka: Marabout Architecture and Material Culture."

Reinhard, Jayni, University of Minnesota, "The Roman Bath at Isthmia: A Reconstruction of the Interior."

Remini, Alice, University of North Carolina, "The Architecture and Sculpture of the Doujon Atelier."

Ricci, Alessandra, Princeton University, "New City and New Countryside: Late Antique and Early Byzantine Palaces and Villas in Constantinople (ca. 330 A.D. - ca. 850 A.D.)."

Richardson, Milda, Boston University, "The Architecture of Charles Donagh Maginnis, 1867-1955."

Rinehart, Michelle A., University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, "The Influence of German Culture on the Development of Architecture in Late Nineteenth Century Chicago." [michrine@umich.edu]

Ringelberg, Kirsten, University of North Carolina, "The Artist's Studio as Domestic Interior: Impressions of Gender in the Late 19th Century."

Ritter, Jonathan, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Progressive Ideal: A Study of the Civic Center Movement in U.S. Cities, 1900-1920."

Robinson, Matthew Seth, Pennsylvania State University, "The Tension between the Future and the Past in American Archtiecture, circa 1960."

Rodney, Marguerite Carnell, George Washington University, "Form Follows Faith: Institutional Churches and the Architecture of the Social Gospel in American Cities."

Rogers, Sarah, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Art as History in Postwar Lebanon."

Rohrer, Thelma, Ohio State University, "Popularizing Imagery of the Single-Family Home in the United States, 1880-1920."

Rogier, Francesca, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Confronting the Modern Metropolis: The Greater Berlin Planning Competition, 1908-1910."

Rosenblum, Charles, University of Virginia, "Modernity and the Beaux Arts: The Architecture of Henry Hornbostel."

Rowe, Nina Ariadne, Northwestern University, "Synagoga and Ecclesia at Reims, Bamberg, and Strasbourg: Allegorical Embodiments and the Daily Confrontation between Christians and Jews in the Early 13th Century."

Sachant, Pamela, University of Delaware, "Eddie Arning: 'Artis Work' and the American Dream."

Sandler, Daniela, University of Rochester, "Incarnate Politics: National Identity, History, and Architectural Heritage in Postwar Berlin."

Sandlin, Julianne Parse, Florida State University, "Religious Orders and Catholic Reform: Parisian Churches during the Reign of Louis XIII."

Sawyer, Sean E., Columbia University, "Sir John Soane and the Palace of Westminster: 'Architectural Visions of Early Fancy and Dreams in the Evening of Life.'"

Scalzo, Julia, University of Toronto, "Street Architecture: 19th-Century Urban Buildings and the British Architectural Press."

Schluntz, Erika L., Brown University, "From Royal to Public Assembly Space: The Transformation of the 'Great Temple' Complex at Petra, Jordan."

Schultz, Anne-Catrin, University of Stuttgart, "The Principle of Statification in the Work of Carlo Scarpa." [acs@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de]

Scibilia, Anthony, Columbia University, "Perspective before Perspective: The Spaces of Medieval Architecture."

Senseney, John, University of California at Santa Barbara, "Architecture Ordering the Imperial Cosmos. Colonnade, Space, and Enclosure in Rome from Caesar to Trajan."

Shoup, Daniel, University of Michigan, "Managing Many Pasts: The Present, Past, and Future of Greco-Roman Cities in Western Anatolia."

Shubailat, Nadine Ghaith, Columbia University, "Churches Built and Repaired during the Umayyad and Early Abbasid Period in Jordan."

Skelton, Kimberly, Yale University, "Planning Anew: The English Country House and Social Identity in the 1650s."

Sloan, Anna, University of Pennsylvania, "Building Jaunpur: Architectural Production and Urban Experience in Medieval North India."

Smith, Cynthia Duquette, University of Texas at Austin, "Constructing the American Home: The Rhetoric of Domestic Architecture." [cdsmith@mail.utexas.edu]

Smith, J. Kirsten, Harvard University, "Martyrs, Monks and the End of Time in the Church of Saint John in Müstair."

Smith, Sharon C., State University of New York at Binghamton, "Planned Grandeur: A Comparative Study of Urban Expansion in Early Modern Italy and Mamluk Egypt."

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