Weekly Schedule

When I am in town, I am usually on campus between 10 AM and 4 PM on Monday through Friday. However, my schedule during those hours is booked often months in advance, so it is not likely that I am available to schedule an individual one-on-one meeting. I currently hold open office hours on Mondays from 4 PM - 5 PM (for Autumn 2014). Your best bet is to call or come to my office in Sieg Hall during that time. Letting me know in advance that you will be coming would be great, as I occassionally miss office hours due to travel or other committments.


Planned Travel for 2014

  • March 20-28th - Family trip
  • April 3rd-4th - San Diego, California - Quantified Self Symposium
  • April 24th-27th - Toronto, Ontario - UbiComp PC Meeting
  • April 27th-30th - Toronto, Ontario - CHI Conference
  • June 16th-30th - South Africa
  • August 5th-7th - Washington, D.C. - NSF Smart & Connected Health PI Meeting
  • August 11th-13th - Union, WA - Intel ISTC Annual Retreat
  • August 17th-19th - Friday Harbor, WA - Camping trip
  • August 23rd-September 1st - Family trip
  • September 13th-17th - Seattle, WA - UbiComp Conference
  • December 13th-14th - Seoul, Korea for CHI PC meeting