1st Annual Cherry Blossom Party at the UW Quad

Group Members

Postdoctoral Scholars

Jiong Yang

Dr. Jiong Yang received his Ph. D. degree (2009) in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for ab initio study of various thermoelectric materials. As a postdoctoral scholar in University of Washington, he focuses on transport properties of materials, new thermoelectrics and phenomena. Lithium ion battery is also one of his research topics.

Email: jiongy@uw.edu


Shanyu Wang

Dr. Shanyu Wang is now studying the synthesis and transport properties of p-type skutterudites and new thermoelectric materials. He tries to understand the underlying transport mechanisms of phonon and electron as well as their interactions, and he also pursues high efficient thermoelectric materials through band structure engineering and scattering mechanism adjustment.

Email: shanyuw@uw.edu



Ping Wei

Dr. Wei joined the group in 2012. He received his Ph.D. in materials science from Wuhan University of Technology in 2012. He is currently interested in the synthesis, microstructure characterization, and lattice dynamics of skutterudite thermoelectric materials by electron spectroscopy and neutron scattering.

Email: pingwei@uw.edu



Visiting Professor

David Deyu Wang
Dr. David Deyu Wang received his Ph. D. degree in 2005 in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After graduation, he continued his work on lihtium batteries as a principal engineer in Amperex Technology Limited Com., as a postdoctoral scholar in Ecole Polytechique Fédérale de Lausanne, as a research associatein Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and as a professor / group leader in Ningbo Instiute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In February of 2013, he joined in UW as a visiting scholar to investigate the phase transitions and transportation properties of high-capacity cathode materials.

 Email: deyuw@uw.edu



Graduate Students

Carolina Vinado

Carolina Vinado got her Bachelor’s degree in 2012, from the University of North Texas in Materials Science and Engineering, with an offer of joining Dr. Yang’s research group. She is now working several aspects of lithium ion batteries while pursuing her PhD from the University of Washington.

 Email: cvinado@uw.edu



Trevor Toll

Trevor Toll received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from The University of Tennessee-Knoxville in May 2012. He is currently studying the synthesis and transport properties of skutterudites and thermoelectric nanocomposites.

Email: ttoll@uw.edu



Visiting Student

Lihua Wu

Lihua Wu got his Bachelor's degree from Nanjing University in 2010. Now he is a graduate student of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics and joined Prof. Yang's group as a visiting student in 2012. He works on the synthesis and thermoelectric characterization of new ternary compounds.

Email: lhwu@uw.edu




Undergraduate Students

Tzu-En Lin

Drew Messner

Guillermo Ochovo Ubeda-Portugues

Yi-Hsuan (Sue) Wu


High School Interns

David Hugel - Riverdale High School, Portland, OR

Kevin Li - Interlake High School, Bellevue, WA