Prospective PhD student or Postdoc?

I am currently accepting Phd students with experience in information visualization, data cognition, and/or NLP. Here's what I look for in students:

  • A clear understanding of current research in information visualization and how you could contribute
  • Solid programming and analytical background, including being comfortable building front and backend web applications
  • Prior research experience
  • A passion for building tools and knowledge that re-envision data interfaces for a broad range of users.

Note -- keep in mind that PhD admissions tend to be very competitive; it is not unusual for me to accept only 1 student out of more than 50. Your best bet is to apply widely but reach out to the faculty you are interested in working with so they can advise on availability of spots in their lab and give more specific advice on considerations for applying. If you'd like to work with me, I strongly encourage you to read my research papers before contacting me so you are better able to explain where your interests intersect.

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