The Earthquake Day


Ian Hannah

On Ash Wednesday, February 28, 2001, an earthquake measuring 6.8 struck the Seattle area. Ian was not quite 4 years old. He was in daycare when the earthquake struck. This is his view, in his own words, as told to his mom over the following few days.

Ian told the story and wrote most of the words. His mom helped with some of the spelling. Oops! the "2" in the date is backward!
Ian's mom wrote this page for him. She had to get a bit creative with the spelling of the sound effects. Jen is Ian's daycare teacher.
Self portrait.
"The floor shook, but I was not scared. I was brave!"

Great picture! Two kids -- Ian and Laska -- under a dark blue table, with 3 brown L-shaped chairs. The big pink square floor is shaking!
This is Ian's friend Raenen. She was scared and cried a lot that day.
"All the kids went under the table. Anne, Clint and Jen stand under the bathroom doorway. Raenaen cry!"

Nice portraits of the three teachers, Anne, Clint and Jen.
"Laska and I screamed 'Stop, Earthquake!'"

"The everbody went outside! We stood by the fence"

"It stopped! Daddy came and I felt better."

This picture shows Daddy and Ian hugging, but Ian had to get Mom in the picture too. She's shown "dreaming" about the hug. In fact, that is very near the truth. She was at home and called in to the daycare center, where Daddy answered the phone and let her know all was well.

The End