Ethnic Vietnamese in the U.S.
by Joe Hannah
Department of Geography, University of Washington

The following maps are based on US Census 2000 Demographic Profile data, the latest of which was released June 4, 2002. I put together three separate maps to look at the basic question, "Where do the Vietnamese in America live?" The data represented in these maps indincates those people who identified themselves as Vietnamese only, and did not indicate a second race.

Click on the small map to see an enlarged version, or use one of the links below the small maps. Warning: the "huge" maps are nearly a megabyte in size -- you will need lots of bandwidth or lots of patience to view these.

The first map shows the total ethnic Vietnamese population by county.
(bigger map)   (huge map)
The second map shows the percentage of the entire US ethnic Vietnamese population in each county.
(bigger map)   (huge map)
The third map shows the ethnic Vietnamese population as a percentage of the county population.
(bigger map)   (huge map)
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