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Joe Hannah
Department of Geography
University of Washington, Seattle

Curriculum Vitae

My wife Hien, son Ian (6 years), me,
and son Bao-An (16 months),
Hanoi, Vietnam, December 2003.







See my Teaching Portfolio for courses taught, student and peer evaluations, teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, and more.


Some of the courses I have taught in International Development, Political Geography, International Relations, and  Maps and GIS:


           Geography of Global Inequality – GEOG 230


           Geography of Food and Eating GEOG 271


           Geographies of the Developing World GEOG 335 / POLS 335


           Geography of Int’l Development and Environmental Change GEOG 270


           State-society Relations in the Third World SIS 456 / POLS 450


           Maps and International Development: A Critical Perspective GEOG 395









Ph.D. Dissertation (March 2007)

Local Non-Government Organizations in Vietnam:

Development, Civil Society and State-society Relations”


Table of Contents (and access to full document)


Bibliography of Civil Society in Vietnam






Hannah, Joe (2005). “Civil Society Actors and Action in Vietnam: Preliminary Empirical Results and Sketches from an Evolving Debate,” Towards Good Society? Civil Society Actors, the State and the Business Class in Southeast Asia: Facilitators or Impediments to a Strong, Democratic, and Fair Society? (Sponsored workshop presentation.) Henrich Boell Foundation, Humboldt Universitaet, and Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany. November, 2004.


Hannah, Joseph (Forthcoming 2009). “The Mutual Colonization of State and Civil Society Organizations in Vietnam.” Local Organizations and Urban Governance in East and Southeast Asia: Straddling State and Society. Benjamin L. Read, ed., with Robert Pekkanen. (New York: Routledge).




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