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ASIAN 206, Spring 2009
Modern Literature of South Asia


All assignments are to completed before the class in which they will be discussed. Please always bring the assigned text to class.

Week 1:
For Monday, Mar. 30: No assignment.

For Wednesday, Apr. 1: Read through the story "Interpreter of Maladies" by Jhumpa Lahiri, available here.
Closely read the first 3 pages (pg 43-45), underlining or marking any word(s) that strike you as interesting, unusual, or confusing.

For Friday, Apr. 3: Reread "Interpreter of Maladies," this time using the close reading techniques discussed in class.
Close Reading 1 due--available here.

Study Guide of proper names--here.

For another explanation of close reading, click here.

Week 2

For Mon., Apr. 6: Read The Namesake, pg. 1-47 (Chaps 1-2).

For Wed., Apr. 8: Read The Namesake, pg. 48-96 (Chaps 3-4).

For Fri., Apr. 10: Read The Namesake, pg. 97-158 (Chaps 5-6).

Week 3

For Mon., Apr. 13: Read The Namesake, pg. 159-187 (Chap 7). Also, Close Reading 2 due--available here.

For Wed., Apr. 15: Read The Namesake, pg. 188-245 (Chaps 8-9).

For Fri., Apr. 17: Read The Namesake, pg. 246-291 (the end) (Chaps 10-12).

Week 4

For Mon., Apr. 20: Read The Crooked Line, pg. 1-76 (The First Phase).

Outline of The First Phase Events available here.

For Wed., Apr. 22: Read The Crooked Line, pg. 77-144 (Chaps. 16-25).

For Fri., Apr. 24: Read The Crooked Line, pg. 144-183 (rest of Second Phase). 1st Essay due on The Namesake-assignment here.

List of Characters for the first half of The Crooked Line available here.

Garden & Cosmos Exhibit closes on Sunday, Apr. 26--information on the exhibit here.

Week 5

For Mon., Apr. 27: Read The Crooked Line, pg. 184-236.

Outline of Second Phase, part of Third Phase Events--available here.

For Wed., Apr. 29: Read The Crooked Line, pg. 236-299. 1-page response paper due on Garden & Cosmos exhibit--available here.

For Fri., May 1: Read The Crooked Line, pg. 300-370 (the end).

Final Study Guide for The Crooked Line available here.

Week 6

For Mon., May 4: No reading assignment. Paper topic on The Crooked Line due by email or in class. (The story we read, "Open It!," is available here.)

For Wed., May 6: Read the story, "Lawley Road," from Malgudi Days.

How to read a short story--Thoughts by Mortimer Adler & Charles Van Doren (from their How to Read a Book) [cut off lines on last page read "although I don't really know why'--from those that satisfy the deep unconscious needs of almost everybody. The latter are"]; other thoughts

For Fri., May 8: Read the story, "Lajwanti," available here.

Week 7

For Mon., May 11: Read the beginning of Moth Smoke, pg. 1-9.

2nd Essay due on The Crooked Line.

For Wed., May 13: Read Moth Smoke, pg. 10-58.

For Fri., May 15: Read Moth Smoke, pg. 59-110.

Week 8

For Mon., May 18: Read Moth Smoke, pg. 111-146.

For Wed., May 20: Read Moth Smoke, pg. 147-194.

For Fri., May 22: Read Moth Smoke, pg. 195-246 (the end).

Group Presentations start

Week 9

Mon., May 25: NO CLASS (Memorial Day Weekend).

For Wed., May 27: Read "The Blind Dog" and "The Tiger's Claw" from Malgudi Days.

For Fri., May 29: Read "The Missing Mail" from Malgudi Days. You can also watch the TV serial version on Google Video, which we will discuss in class.

3rd Essay due on Moth Smoke-suggested essay topics here.

Week 10

For Mon., June 1: Read the handout on bhakti, available here.

For Wed., June 3: Read the handout on ghazal poetry, available here, as well as a short introduction to the genre here. Outline of Final Paper due.

For Fri., June 5: Concluding Discussion and Musha'irah.

Final Paper due Wednesday, June 10 by 5 PM in Gowen 250-Guidelines available here.