Freshman Seminar Course

Winter Quarter 2002

GEN ST 197 I (SLN:3832)

Why the University? Why Science? Why Microbiology?

Personal Perspectives

Purpose of Course: To introduce students to the exciting world of microbiology by having guest speakers describe how they got interested in science, and what it is about their profession and their research interest(s) that they value. The benefits of attending an institution that is highly regarded for its basic/medical research are discussed.

Day/Time: Thurs 3-4pm
Where: HSB G 324 (Microbilogy Conference Room)
Course Co-ordinator: J. C. Lara (543-6340;

January 10 Lara- "Undergraduate Education: The First Step in a Life Time of Learning"

17 Leigh- "Strange Microbes in Strange Places"

24 Mullins- "An AIDS Odyssey"

31 Cookson- "A Clinician-Scientist's View of Host-Pathogen Interactions"

February 7 Lagunoff-"Herpes, Cancer and Aids: Kaposi's Sarcoma"

14 Herwig- "Saving the World from Humans: Environmental Microorganisms"

21 Ramakrishnan-"Of frogs fish and folk: Models to understand human tuberculosis"

28 Anderson- Lab exercise

March 7 Nester- "Genetic Engineering in Nature: From Basic Research to Biotechnology."

14 Lara- Tour of electron microscope facility.


Champoux- "Microbiology at the University: Why Me?"

Tina Guina- "Learning Bacteria: An Ongoing Journey"

Bumgarner- "Serendipity and

Friendships, the role each can play in your professional life"

Serene Forte- "Developing an HIV Vaccine - Reality or Myth?"