Microbiology 301

General Microbiology

Bacteria entering a Eucaryotic cell

Microbiology 301 is a one quarter survey course that acquaints students with microorganisms and viruses, and their activities. This course, offered by the Department of Microbiology, is an undergraduate course for students not interested in the department's Bachelor's of Science Degree. Micro 301 is offered ASpS Quarters, and is taught by different members of the department. Topics include bacterial cell structure and function, growth and metabolism, microbial genetics, the role of microbes and viruses in disease, and immune defense mechanisms. Depending on instructors, other selected topics are presented. Prerequisites: two quarters of chemistry; recommended: a biological science course. Micro 301 course materials are available for Spring and Summer Quarters.

A laboratory course, Microbiology 302, is offered primarily for students taking Micro 301. The course covers a variety of microbiological techniques in the handling and manipulation of microbes and bacterial viruses. Experiments are designed to illustrate major concepts of bacteriology, virology, and immunology. No auditors. Prerequisite: concurrent or previous registration in Micro 301 or permission of instructor.