WINTER 2009



PHONE: 543-7494, 543-2420                                                             OFFICE: Guthrie, Rm 309
EMAIL: jcha@u                                                                                  OFFICE HOURS: TBA and by appointment


GRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANTS:  Ashley Maliken, Adrienne Sussman


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Mann-Whitney U-test crit table


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Final Review Overheads from Class

Extra Study Questions for the Final

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The Stats Rapper Video

Homework Assignments (10 pts each)

Excel Homework Assignment #1: Descriptive Statistics and Graphing

        Special Instructions for Homework Assignments in Excel 2007
Excel Homework Assignment #2: ANOVA
        Tutorial for Homework Assignment #2: ANOVA         

        Extra Instructions for Homework #2




TEXTBOOK AND ITS USE: Integrative Statistics for Behavior Science, by R. R. Ha and J. C. Ha. 

The textbook for this quarter is a custom pre-printing of the new textbook that my wife and I are writing, specifically for this course.


·     There will be three 1-hour exams during the quarter. These exams will NOT be cumulative for problem-solving; that is, you will not have to solve problems from earlier sections. HOWEVER, many concepts are building blocks and so may reappear in the short answer or essay portion of later exams.  This is especially true of word problems in which you must “choose the appropriate statistical test.”

·     There will be a two-hour final exam at a date and time which is scheduled by the University. Half of this exam will be material from the last weeks of the quarter and half will be cumulative for concepts and choosing statistical tests.  The tentative schedule is for: 8:30-10:20 Monday, 16 March 2009. Be sure to take this exam into account when making plans for the "end-of-the-quarter escape." There are no make-ups or early exams. 

·     You are expected to use a calculator on each exam. We are not responsible for providing calculators: you should inspect yours before the exam to make sure that it is operating correctly. Legibility is a requirement, therefore I suggest that all exams be written in pencil. Illegible material is incorrect. Each hourly exam will be graded on a scale of 0-100. The final exam will be graded on a scale of 0-200. The grade will be based on method, correct answer, and neatness and organization. 

·     As stated above, calculators may be used for homework and exam problems. HOWEVER, to receive full credit for work, ALL calculation steps must be shown ("show your work"). If an answer is wrong, partial credit for correct work will be awarded. It is to your great advantage to "show your work." 

I DON’T LIKE TO GIVE MAKE-UP EXAMS. Having said that, I will make exceptions, as per UW policy of course, for serious student illness, or death or serious illness in the student's immediate family. Documentation in writing is required. Please discuss other difficult situations with me as promptly as possible. 


Your teaching assistant will be responsible for providing me with 160 points for each student, achieved in seven quizzes and two homework assignments. Your TA will provide you with more information about these points during your first quiz section meeting. 

HOURLY EXAMS (3 @ 100pts.)              300 pts. (45%)
FINAL EXAM                                            200 pts. (30%)
QUIZZES (7 @ 20pts.)                               140 pts. (21%)
HOMEWORK (2 @ 10pts.)                        20 pts. ( 3%)
TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE                    660 pts. (100%)


I generally try to maintain a course-wide average of about 2.6-2.7 (this is not a guarantee). Your grade will be calculated as follows: 

1) Score = (Points / 660) * 100
2) Decimal score = (Score - 55) / 10
For example, if you finish the course with a total of 598 points, your score would be:
(598 / 660) * 100 = 90.6
Therefore, your decimal score, reported to the registrar, would be:
(90.6 - 55) / 10 = 3.6          
                                  This means that you need 493/660 points (74.6%) to pass this course with a 2.0 score.

To request academic accommodations due to a disability, contact Disabled Student Services (543-8924: V/TDD). If you have a letter from DSS indicating that you have a disability that requires accommodation, please present the letter to your instructors promptly.