Andrew L. Ha

Andrew is 14 years old in this picture, catching his first barracuda in the Florida Keys, where I grew up and we spend a lot of time.  He is being home-schooled for high school, and is VERY deeply into World of Warcraft, and now has me hooked on WoW.

Andrew is 11 years old in this pic.  He's a serious soccer player, loves baseball, and is a wicked player of the Magic: The Gathering card game.  He loves to travel, and loves mathematics and most all science.


Andrew is 6 years old in this picture.  He's heavily into Pokemon, mostly the Gameboy version.  He absolutely loves sports, and is extremely physical, athletic, and coordinated.  He loves to watch or play soccer, football, basketball, and baseball.  He's still into Legos big time, and loves to be read to, especially "chapter" books.


Andrew was born on 15 March 1993: this picture is about a year old (3 1/2). Andrew attends preprimary school, where his favorite activity is "everything." He's a major Mariner's fan but thinks that football looks like "it would hurt." He loves to sing, "play" the piano (but not the cello.. yet!), and sail aboard our 26' cruising sailboat, Trekker. The current toy fascination is Legos. Here's the latest art work!