Animal Behavior Associates

James C. Ha, Ph.D. &

Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

1405 211th Pl. SW

Lynnwood, WA  98036



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality on-site consulting on companion animal behavior problems.  The field of domestic and companion animal behavior research has been a rapidly expanding one in recent years. Successful treatment of companion animal behavior problems today requires a strong background in the evolution and genetics of the species or breed, the practical application of modern learning theory, the latest research findings, and the application of these findings to clinical situations.


Our Role

The Seattle area features a number of excellent veterinarians, as well as many well-qualified dog trainers.  Our practice complements this expertise by specializing in significant problem behaviors in dogs, those which fall outside the expertise of many dog obedience trainers, as well as in cases of cat and other companion animal behavior problems.


Our Background

My background includes a Master’s degree in biology from Wake Forest University (1983) and a Ph.D. in zoology, with a specialization in animal behavior, from Colorado State University (1989).  At the University of Washington since 1992, I am currently a Research Associate Professor in Psychology (Animal Behavior Program).  For several years, I worked with Dr. Philip Lehner (Colorado State University) and was active in his consulting business in Colorado.  I have participated in several court cases as an expert legal witness. I was involved with establishing the professional certification program for applied animal behaviorists through the Animal Behavior Society ( and have served as a member of the Animal Behavior Society’s Executive Committee.


Our Procedures

Our basic procedure involves an initial on-site (usually in-home) visit lasting 1˝ to 2 hours.  During this visit, we interview the owner(s) and other individuals who are involved in interactions with the pet, as well as observe the animal's behavior in its normal environment.  Next, we diagnose the problem and discuss the causes of the behavior.  Finally, we develop a treatment plan for the behavior(s) which fits into the owner’s lifestyle.  Following the visit, we provide a follow-up letter within 1 week which reiterates the plan developed during the visit, as well as possible additional options.  The fee for the initial visit varies with the species (dogs vs. cats) and the issue, but generally, the initial consult for most dog behavior issues is $250.