This book is a comprehensive disclosure and discussion of “dualmode transportation,” a concept that is largely unknown.  It is urgent that this concept be introduced to all areas of society since such a system will largely solve a number of critical worldwide transportation traffic, energy, and environmental problems. 

The system to be proposed here is simple in concept, yet complex in the details and in its use of modern state-of-the-art technologies.  Like our highways, railroads and airlines, it will be much too huge and too far ranging for any single company, or single local or regional government to build it alone.  It must to be a unified national and international project: a global transportation revolution. 

This revolution will affect all of us in the United States and other developed countries in many ways.  It will have as much favorable impact upon humanity as the railroads, the highways, the airplane, the computer, and the Internet have.  There will be scoffers, but this is neither science fiction nor humbug.  The author promises that those who read this book will close it with quite changed opinions concerning our worldwide transportation and related problems and their solution. 

          This is intended to be a nontechnical book for lay readers as well as a semi-technical book for those with scientific or engineering knowledge and interests.  Non-technical readers are urged to skip over any chapters or paragraphs that do not interest them, and to continue on rather than putting the book aside.  Conversely, those who will seek more technical details will find ample references.  Explanations that seem simple and obvious to some will be helpful to other readers.  Knowing that he can’t please all of the people all of the time, the author hopes that he can interest most of you most of the time.  His objective, however, goes far beyond pleasing and entertaining—this is a most timely, serious, and urgent subject. 

The book is arranged online without page numbers.  There is a separate computer file and URL for each chapter.  As seen below, at the end of each chapter is a link to the next chapter and also a link to the Table of Contents, which contains links to all of the chapters. 

Don’t Take Away my Car


Last modified: August 02, 2006