I am indebted to many people for ideas, technical assistance, transportation-industry information, and help of other kinds in the writing of this book.  I give particular thanks to following: Dr. Edward Anderson, Jerome Baer, Captain Paul Bowers, Peter Bowers, Dan Bray, Ronald Case, Dr. Tracy Clark, Dr. Hal B.H. Cooper Jr., Erik Driessens, Dick Eagle, Dr. Christine Economides, Bill and Kathy Flanigan, Ian Ford, Wayne Gillett, Kim Goltermann, Dr. Richard Guadagno, Kirston Henderson, Palle Jensen, Ron Laitsch Dr. Josh Levin, Dr. John Hopkins, Robert Jenny, Professor Robert Joppa, Del Kahan, Steve Kuan, Ware Lantz, James Longbottom, Van Metre Lund, Bruce McHenry, Daryl Oster, Leroy Perkins, Dave Petrie, Sue Plahn, Greg Reynolds, William Roeseler, Jerry Roane, Mara Saltz, Dick Scherer, Dr. J. B. Schneider, Dale Shellhorn, William Sherertz, Robert Style, William Turnbull, Dr. Richard Thornton, Walter Velona, Richard Wallace, Robert Weltzien, and Tad Winiecki. 

          Dick Scherer not only served on my dualmode development team but proofread this book.  (If you find any mistakes in it, blame Dick.)

          I especially thank Professor Jerry B. Schneider, the creator and host of the Innovative Transportation Technology website in which you are reading this book.  Jerry and this website are of tremendous help to all of us working in the dualmode transportation field. 

          Many of the other dualmode transportation system inventors worldwide are acknowledged by name above.  Their contributions to my knowledge and therefore to this book have been in numerous forms, including their websites, technical papers, presentations at transportation conferences, online debates, and personal correspondence and conversations. 

In addition, I am indebted to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, FISITA World Automotive Congress, Transportation 2000 Conference (Oregon Office of Energy), New Visions in Transportation (Aspen, CO), IEEE Intelligent Systems Journal, The Futurist magazine, the Georgia Section of The Institute of Transportation Engineers, the University of Minnesota, Portland State University, The Economist, The Eastside Journal, The Seattle Times, KING TV, and EV World (electric vehicles) magazine for previous opportunities to learn and to present dualmode technical papers, articles and essays. 



Last modified: August 02, 2006