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Francis D. Reynolds, PE, holder of a number of technical patents, is a retired aerospace engineer and a lifelong inventor.  One of his patented inventions was a digital decoder and memory vital to the guidance system of the BOMARC national-air-defense missile.  In the late 1970s, as a Boeing engineering manager, he contributed to the development of the Morgantown, WV electric-powered automatic “People Mover.”  This early single-mode transportation system, which was a forerunner of Reynolds’ dualmode thinking, is still in full-time successful public operation. 

Reynolds is a mechanical-engineering graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle and a certified Professional Engineer.  As a co-inventor of the dualmode transportation concept he has written many published articles and technical papers on dualmode.  He has lectured and delivered seminars and colloquia on this and other technical subjects at numerous conferences, universities, and at NASA. 

Francis Reynolds’ previous book, CRACKPOT OR GENIUS, A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE UNCOMMON ART OF INVENTING, was published in 2000 by Barnes and Noble. 

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Last modified: August 02, 2006