Committee on New Public Transportation Systems and Technology (AP0201E14) - Call for Papers for 2005 Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., January, 2005

Current ITS-Transit Applications and Innovations

The Committee is focused on the advancement of all aspects of public transportation technology-based services. This call is geared toward new and innovative applications or developments in the ITS-Transit field. All papers related to the subject are welcome. The following areas have been targeted as special interest:

1. State-of-the-Art in Automatic Vehicle Location, Transit Priority, and other "Smart Vehicle" Technologies. Papers are sought on the current direction of advanced technologies available for transit agencies looking to boost service performance and efficiency. This includes, but is not limited to: Automatic Vehicle Location, Transit Signal Priority, Automatic Passenger Counters, Mobile Data Terminals, Electronic Fare Collection Systems, Emergency Response Systems, Vehicle Diagnostics Systems, and In-Terminal and On-Board Traveller Information Systems.

2. Application of Cell Phone Technology/PDAs to Transit Information and Fare Media. Papers are sought examining the feasibility/effectiveness using cell phones for ticketing and entry through turnstiles and across fare boxes, or using PDAs or other wireless technologies to access transit information in real-time.

3. Automatic Vehicle Location, Automatic Passenger Counter, and Vehicle Diagnostics Systems for Service/Maintenance Planning. Papers are sought in the area of using data generated from the three aforementioned systems to help plan operations, maintenance and growth.

4. Innovative (including multi-modal) Trip/Itinerary Planning. Papers are sought on existing deployments or systems in development that help travellers identify their travel options, with a particular emphasis on transit and pedestrian modes. Of interest are systems that plan users’ "travel itinerary" based on start, end and intermediate locations.

5. Role of Technology in Future Transit Operations. Papers are sought examining the future role of technology in future transit operations.

In addition, the Committee on New Public Transportation Systems and Technology has an interest in innovative systems for propulsion, guidance, communications, vehicle design, operations, maintenance, safety and security, and vehicle supply. The committee is seeking papers on the following topics:

6. Smart Parking Management. Papers are sought in the area of smart parking management technologies to manage transit parking facilities.

7. Carsharing and Station Cars. Papers are sought in the area of carsharing and station car evaluation.

8. Segway Human Transporters and Other Low-Speed Modes. Papers are sought in the area of low-speed modes as transit connectivity devices.

9. Advanced Ride-Sharing Systems. Papers are sought regarding systems in development or already deployed (successful or unsuccessful) that reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips by matching drivers and passengers. Systems can target urban, sub-urban, and/or inter-city travelers.

10. New Dimensions in Application of Elevator/Escalator Technology in Transit. Papers are sought examining the evolving role of and dimensions involved in implementing elevator and escalator technologies in new transit station developments.


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