Trans.21 is an information clearinghouse on worldwide developments in automated peoplemovers (APMs). Since UMTA (now FTA) turned attention away from automated guideway transit in the late 1970's, little formal research or data collection has been done by the US DOT and TRB-sponsored programs on the emerging APM technologies. Thus, there is little public, objective, up-to-date information on these systems. Trans.21 tries to fill this gap by publishing:

- a bimonthly electronic newsletter, called Transit Pulse, on APM planning issues

- a biweekly faxed service on APM market news

- a directory of APM and related firms entitled "A Planner's Guide to APMs"

- a world survey of major airport expansion plans with a focus on the role of APMs

- a website that deals with airfront issues at, for e-mail contact:

Trans21 has extensive databases that can shortcut or supplement bibliographic needs. For more information, call (617) 825-2318, or e-mail

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Last modified: April 22, 2005