Transit-Alternatives Discussion List

This list was terminated in May, 2004 and has been replace by three lists, called Techtalk, Policy and Announce. To subscribe to one or all of these e-mail lists, visit the Advanced Transit Association website and click on "e-mail lists".  You will see subscription instructions there. If you subscribe, you will receive an e-mail that you must respond to before your subscription becomes active.

New subscribers are invited to browse the Innovative Transportation Technologies and Advanced Transit Association websites to obtain basic background information, news, FAQ's and other details about the topics being discussed on these three lists.

These discussions are intended to generate, discuss and critique innovative ideas, concepts and conventional wisdom regarding the movement of people and goods within and between major metropolitan areas. Such topics generally fall under the headings of transportation planning and engineering, urban planning, public policy planning and analysis, urban futures, sustainability and technology assessment.

The discussions have tended to deal more with planning than operational issues and have not been highly technical in nature. Particular emphasis has been given to finding ways to diminish the negative effects of widespread auto use by developing and deploying one or more technologies that can compete effectively with the auto and perhaps even render it obsolete at some time in the future. While new ideas for developing transportation technologies are explored, the potential societal and life-style impacts on travel demand of communications and the Internet/World Wide Web are also desirable topics for discussion.

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Last modified: May 08, 2004