How to be a Part of the

California Maglev Development Team

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is conducting a pre-construction planning study of a $4 billion, 75-mile, MAGLEV (magnetically levitated) transit speedway connecting Los Angeles International Airport, downtown Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Ontario Airport and March Field in Riverside County.  Firms and consortia interested in competing for a private-public partnership that would plan, design, build, operate and maintain the proposed high speed transit system are invited to submit a Letter of Interest by e-mail and hard copy to:


California Maglev Deployment Program Manager

c/o Ralph Levy, Contracts Manager

Southern California Association of Governments

818 W Seventh Street, 12th Floor

Los Angeles, California, 90017, U.S.A.



The Letter of Interest should identify the firm name and be signed by the Chief Corporate Officer.   For a consortium of multiple firms, the principal firm and other associated firms that compose the consortium should be identified.   Firms submitting Letters of Interest, preferably on or before April 15, 2000, will receive further information describing the system and proposed private-public partnership.  Questions regarding this Invitation should be directed to Albert Perdon, Program Manager, at the addresses listed above.



Last modified: May 27, 2001