Rosemont, Illinois Proposed PRT Project

The village of Rosemont, Illinois, was proposed as the site of the first deployment of Raytheon's PRT 2000 technology . A 2.2 mile "core alignment" PRT network has been designed that would link the Chicago Transit Authority's O'Hare rapid transit Blue Line with a variety of Rosemont hotels, job-sites and a major convention center. In addition, access will be provided to a number of Pace suburban bus routes which connect at River Road. If the core alignment proved to be successful, expansions envisioned include connections to the O'Hare International Airport peoplemover and other transportation facilities in the vicinity. Rosemont is located about 2 miles from the O'Hare International Airport terminal. This project was terminated when Raytheon decided to stop work on PRT 2000.

A ridership study performed by Wilbur Smith and Associates in August 1992 indicated that patronage for the core alignment would range from 4,000 boardings per day at a fare of $2, to around 7,500 per day if the ride was free. A diagram of the core alignment is provided. It is not a final design. A second, more detailed ridership was conducted by Wilbur Smith and Associates for the Village of Rosemont and was expected to be completed in 1997 or 1998.

More detail about this project can be obtained from the Director of Communications, Regional Transportation Authority, 181 West Madison, Suite 1900, Chicago, Illinois 60602. Ph: (312) 917-1415; fax: 312-917-1344.

For information from the village of Rosemont phone (708) 825-4404 or contact the Rosemont Chamber of Commerce at (708) 698-1190.

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Last modified: September 27, 2002