Dualmode Will Fix or Reduce Many Problems


Francis D. Reynolds

The Problem The Dualmode Solution
Internal combustion engines cause major pollution Internal combustion engines won't be used
Airplanes are also serious polluters Domestic air traffic will be greatly reduced
Our petroleum deposits are nearly gone Clean electricity will be used.
We keep adding more lanes of concrete A single lane of guideway (with cars, transit, and freight).
Automobile and airplane noise pollution Electric motors are quiet, and airplanes will be fewer
Our highways often grind to a halt Most highway traffic will move to the guideways
The streets are jammed and parking is difficult Cars will be automatically parked directly from the guideways
Traveling wastes a lot of time Guideway travel will be much faster, and with no traffic jams
Sometimes we can't find a service station No fuel will be used on the guideways (unlimited range)
Road rage, drinking, and teen drivers are major problems Humans won't be driving on the guideways
Fog, sun glare, and darkness make driving dangerous The automatic system will always "see" perfectly
Snow, ice, and rain cause slick-highway pileups Linear motors in the guideways won't need wheel traction
Stoplights and lane changes cause accidents No stoplights or lane changing on the guideways
Battery cars have short range and low power Batteries will be used for only short trips on the streets.


Last modified: April 14, 2001