New Visions in Transportation
  Accelerating Emerging Technologies & Innovative Designs
  Presented by the Advanced Transit Association and the National Society of Professional Engineers









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Welcome Remarks


World Overview in Emerging Technologies: Mike Gage, WestStart-CALSTART
The world of advanced, clean transportation technologies and systems is changing at an ever increasing pace, driven by global environmental, policy, regulatory and increasingly, market and competitive pressures. WestStart will give a global overview of top issues, with a regional and topic scan of the most recent developments, from fuel cells and hybrid vehicles to integrated transportation systems and new mobility options, including transit-enhancing services and technologies. In particular, WestStart will look at the customer-demands that are increasing for new, cleaner and more environmentally conscious transit and transportation systems.


Group Rapid Transit: Richard Arthur, CyberTran New York, LLC
The CyberTran is based on using large numbers of small vehicles as opposed to the conventional concept of small numbers of large vehicles. The system operates on elevated guideways under complete computer control. It is designed to operate at speeds up to 150 mph, depending on application. The CyberTran vehicles have been through two test series in which the basic operating capabilities of the vehicles were tested.


RUF: Palle Jensen, RUF International, Denmark
Palle Jensen's RUF dualmode guideway system has been gaining increasing attention throughout Europe and in the United States. The system allows vehicles to use existing roadways as well as travel on an electrified monobeam for point to point automated transport. A RUF test track opened in June in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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Selling Innovative Concepts: Amory Lovins on the Hypercar and its Cousins
If you are a system designer who has some answers to our transportation problems and are ready to introduce your ideas to a wider audience, what is the process? Who do you have to convince and how do you go about doing it? If there is anyone who knows how to put innovative concepts on the table it is Amory Lovins, 1999's recipient of the Lindbergh award for outstanding achievements in energy and environmental practice and policy and this years co-Hero of the Planet award from Time Magazine. Amory, Harvard and Oxford educated, has over 30 years of experience blending economic realities with sustainable practices. He shares his experiences selling the hypercar concept.


Attracting Investors: Bob Barton, CEO, Catalyst Financial Group, Inc.
Bob has spent 28 years developing, managing and financing businesses and is widely known in energy, environmental and finance circles. He is a frequent guest lecturer, trainer, and keynote speaker on finance, marketing, business development, and social investing. If there is anyone who can finance the seemingly impossible ventures it is Bob Barton.


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MagneTrak: Tracy M. Clark, MagneMotion, Inc.
MagneTrak is a material handling system that is propelled by linear motor technology and guided and switched electro-magnetically. It has broad technological applications for high speed mass transit, personal rapid transit or group rapid transit to relieve inner city or airport congestion, facilitate the flow of people to and from satellite parking facilities and shuttle visitors between large amusement parks and recreational complexes.


InTranSys: Dick Guadagno, Cimarron Technology, Inc.
The Integrated transportation system is in the form of a computerized dual-mode guideway. It is so named because it is capable of carrying both private and public vehicles, both passengers and freight, and both urban and rural traffic on a single track network. According to its creator Dick Guadagno, the most important virtue of InTranSys is that it will allow us to survive the impending exhaustion of the world's petroleum resources and provide us with a sustainable transportation system far into the post-petroleum future.


ULTra: Martin Lowson, Advanced Transport Systems Ltd.
ULTra (Urban Light Transport) is an advanced PRT system that has been in development for six years. It offers transport on demand at one third of the urban trip time by bus, car, or rail and uses less than one third of the energy and one sixth of the resources of competing methods of transport according to lead team researcher, Martin Lowson. A prototype vehicle has been completed and the full system design, manufacture and test at a test site in Bristol, England is being supported by the UK Government under contracts totalling $5M. ULTra has been selected by the City of Cardiff, Wales as a central feature of their integrated transport plan. The target date for first service is 2003.







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Optional Roundtable Discussion/Workshop
An informal discussion on how new transportation systems can be best applied in the marketplace and how well they meet market expectations such as convenience, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impacts. We seek to devise a "Consumers' Guide to Transportation Technologies" which will not only help designers focus their marketing efforts, but also help planners and consultants assess the viability and best applicability of new concepts and systems. Results will be made available to all conference attendees the following day.


Ultimate Taxi
Check out Aspen at night and see for yourself how much fun getting around town can be. This outrageous yellow checker cab is well known by locals and tourists alike. Complete with crazy lighting and sound effects, online TaxiCam, and much more. This is a wild ride!



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Market Expectations: Ken Osier, RFTA; Ralph Trapani, CDOT; Tom Turrentine, UC Davis
Ken Osier, head of operations for Colorado's second largest transit agency, RFTA, Ralph Trapani, CDOT project engineer for the greater Roaring Fork Valley region and Tom Turrentine, professor of anthropology at UC Davis' Institute of Transportation Studies give us the practitioner's and researcher's viewpoint on understanding transportation markets.


Environmental Considerations: John McCarty, Otak/Rock Creek Studio
Landscape architect John McCarty of Otak/Rock Creek Studio in Carbondale, CO will demonstrate how the award winning and nationally recognized Glenwood Canyon project, met environmental, economic and recreational consumer stipulations. What ecosystems and wildlife needed to be protected? What economic bloodlines needed to be secured? How were conflicting interests resolved? John lets us know what made it all work.


Traffic Demand Management: A Large Scale Campaign for the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, John Wilson, SCAT
One of the Southern Coalition for Advanced Transportation's most satisfying efforts has been its recent work with Atlanta's Clean Air Campaign and its partnership of organizations working to reduce congestion and improve air quality in one of the country's fasted growing and economically developed regions. John will discuss SCAT's extensive research and measurements campaign comprised of producing independent behavorial research to advise a $4 million advertising and public relations program, followed-up with an on-going measurements program.


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The Rise of Taxi 2000: Ed Anderson, President and CEO
Taxi 2000 is a personal rapid transit system of computer-controlled, three-passenger vehicles on slim guideways operating on-demand and nonstop direct to any station in the network. Taxi 2000 has been in development over the last two-and-a-half decades drawing on an in-depth multi-disciplinary design approach. It has been developed at and licensed by the University of Minnesota, and according to President and CEO J. Edward Anderson, represents the best balance of design, performance and cost characteristics among PRT systems.


TH!NK Mobility: Rob Stevens, President
TH!NK Mobility's President, Rob Stevens, will introduce TH!NK's new line of affordable, environmentally friendly vehicles, TH!NK Cities and TH!NK Neighborhoods, and tell us the thinking behind Ford Motor Company's newest enterprise. Rob will present TH!NK's business plan covering cost-benefit analysis, design features, the markets for these vehicles and how these vehicles meet consumers needs and demands.


21st Century Transit: Feasible? Viable? Desirable? Achievable? Tom Hopkins, former COO of Transport Ventures
The high-speed monorail is the Colorado Intermountain Fixed Guideway Authority's (CIFGA) preferred alternative for future travel along the 163 mile, I-70 corridor connecting Denver and DIA with the mountain communities. CIFGA is the state authority charged with planning the system. Transport Ventures is a consortium of companies which assisted CIFGA in developing its proposed solution. In his paper, Tom Hopkins builds on his experience at Transport Ventures - developing the monorail technology, analyzing its economic viability and stumping for political support - and looks forward to how very fast intercity and metro transit systems could win approval, be financed, and attract riders in the 21st Century. He discusses some specifics of the I-70 campaign although his suggestions are applicable to any corridor.


MegaRail: Kirston Henderson, President, MegaRail Transportation Systems, Inc.
A brief computer animation video showing operation and features of the advanced MegaRail automated transportation system will be shown. Mr. Henderson will provide an overview of the MegaRail system, its background, and current development status. System marketing and financing strategy and problems faced in placing the system into wide spread use will be discussed.


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Keynote: Lee O. Waddleton, Regional Administrator, FTA
Where do we go from here to address our unmet transportation needs? Is technology the answer? If advanced technology has a place in transportation's future, what forms of support can the government offer?


SkyTran: Doug Malewicki, President & Chief Scientist, SkyTran Corporation
SkyTran is an innovative personalized MagLev monorail system that takes people where they want to go, when they want to go, quickly, safely, and economically. According to its creator Doug Malewicki, SkyTran will move people at nonstop 100 mph speeds safely above all surface traffic on a three-dimensional grid putting an end to car accidents, road congestion, and automobile air pollution. SkyTran has only recently become possible because of the continuing technological improvements and ever lowering costs of high speed computers, low cost sensors, linear motors, automated controls and especially the latest innovation in Magnetic Levitation (MagLev) called Inductrack.


A Proposal for the Future, HiLoMag: Francis Reynolds
Francis Reynolds, the originator of the HiLoMag system is a professional engineer with a number of patents, including several on vehicles and control systems. He is retired from a 40-year engineering career with The Boeing Company. There his assignments included engineering management on an earlier single-mode guideway-type electric-powered ground transportation system, which is still in successful operation in Morgantown West Virginia. Mr. Reynolds shares his vision of dualmode travel in the 21st Century.





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EcoMotion with Ted Flanigan & Travis Potter w/Special Guest
EcoMotion is a multimedia show that melds an environmental message with video and live music. The show presents a concept called "the power of the increment." Through incremental actions in both our professional and personal lives we can bring about change and ultimately craft sustainable patterns of living and development.