Old Dominion University Maglev Transportation System Proposal

Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA

December, 1999

Project Scope and Design.

The Project will consist of one (1) vehicle atop an aerial span guideway built on concrete posts approximately four feet (4') in diameter, spaced at approximately one hundred forty-foot (140) intervals. The guideway will be approximately four thousand four hundred feet (4400') long with passenger stations. The University may require AMT to construct a fourth station, as provided herein. The guideway will start from a new station to be constructed at the existing student housing facilities at the western side of the campus near the Elizabeth River. The alignment of the guideway will be generally south from the student housing area to 43rd Street, then east in the right of way of 43rd Street. The project will extend over and across Hampton Boulevard in the 43rd Street right of way and end at the south parking structure for the new Convocation Center and "University Housing Complex" (Whitehurst Dorm and Powhatan Apartments). development east of Hampton Boulevard. A station will be included at the existing parking deck at 43rd Street. The University, to serve the at-grade parking lots along the southern right of way of 43rd Street may add an additional station.

The vehicle will be approximately 40 to 50 feet in length and will have of a maximum capacity of 100 to 140 persons. The vehicle will meet all Peoplemover, ADA, and Building Code requirements. AMT will allow the University to comment upon vehicle design, and will endeavor to take such comments into account in the final vehicle design.

The guideway will be an elevated bridge structure that will be constructed of cast-in-place and precast concrete. The design and construction will meet all AASHTO and other applicable state and City of Norfolk codes for construction within public rights-of-way.

The stations will be ADA-compliant structures that meet all Building Code and other regulatory requirements. The stations will be open-air facilities with heat and ventilation as required to meet Code and ODU requirements. AMT will provide the University with its budget estimates for construction of the stations, and the University may change station aesthetics within the budgeted amount.


Last modified: January 11, 2000